Wonder Woman 1984's Patty Jenkins Breaks Silence on Problematic Steve Trevor Plot

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures
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Wonder Woman 1984 has been drawing flak from a lot of viewers since its premiere for a number of reasons but arguably the biggest issue people have with the film is the uber "problematic" plot involving Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) and the returning Steve Trevor (Chris Pine).

In WW1984, Trevor returned through Diana's wish with the help of the dream stone but as it turns out, it was only his consciousness that was brought back and for some reason, it took over someone else's body. That's where all the controversy stems from as fans are pointing out that Diana clearly used the man's body, possessed by Steve without the owner's consent.

The backlash was intense, so much so that fans have accused the DCEU sequel of promoting sexual assault. Now, director Patty Jenkins is sounding off amid the controversy. Responding to a random fan who defended the controversial Steve Trevor plot, comparing it to the 1988 comedy film Big, Jenkins kept her statement short but sweet and just agreed with the fan's statement.


Jenkins' short response seems to indicate that she's not too bothered by the criticism regarding Steve's story. If anything, the DC director is probably relishing the theatrical and streaming success of Wonder Woman 1984 which recently crossed $118 million at the global box office.

By no means was the film an awful sequel but it certainly has room for improvement. Hopefully, the third Wonder Woman film fixes the issues and mistakes committed by WW1984 and gives fans another solid DCEU standalone film.

Wonder Woman 1984 is screening in select cinemas and on HBO Max.

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