What Happened To Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 1984? Did he die at the end? Full explanation and details.

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Many Wonder Woman fans were surprised that Steve Trevor returned in Wonder Woman 1984. After all, the character was believed to be dead after his plane was blown out of the sky at the end of the first Wonder Woman movie.

It turns, those events still took place, and Steve didn't miraculously survive the explosion. Steve was brought back to live in the body of another person in Wonder Woman 1984 thanks to the power of the Dreamstone.

The Dreamstone gives the bearer any wish they desire, no matter how small or large. But there is a catch. It will take away something from you of value.

Diana wishing for Tevor's return from the Dreamstone
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Wonder Woman ended up wishing for Steve to return to life when she held the Dreamstone, although she did not realize that the stone actually had that kind of power at the end. Although her wish did end up making Steve return to life, the Dreamstone took away much of her power, which resulted in her being significantly weaker throughout the movie.

Though the movie thoroughly explained how the Dreamstone worked, it doesn't explain what happened to Steve Trevor in the end.

What Happened to Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 1984. Did he die?

It became clear in the movie that in order to restore the world to balance, everyone must rescind their wishes. That includes Diana's wish for Steve Trevor to be in her life. Steve realizes this and forces Diana to realize the error of her ways and that she must undo the wish that granted him a second chance at life.

Steve Trevor talking to Diana in Wonder Woman 1984
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In Steve's final moments he tells Diana, "I had a great life. And you only made it better. But you know what you need to do. The world needs you"

Diana then shakes her head and cries and tells Steve, "I'll never love again." To which Steve responds, "I pray that isn't true. There's a wonderful, big world out there. This crazy new world. And I am so happy I got to see it… but it deserves you… I'm already gone. I'll always love you, Diana, no matter where I am. I love you."

Steve Trevor's last words to Diana in Wonder Woman 1984
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Wonder Woman then renounces her wish as she walks away from Steve. That's the last we ever see of Steve Trevor in the movie. So what happened to Steve after this scene? Whenever a character renounces their wish, the gift of the Dreamstone is revoked and whatever was taken was given back. Diana got back her powers after renouncing the wish, so we must believe that Steve returns to wherever he was before the movie began.

For this reason, we assume Steve is back in DC's version of Heaven, or wherever souls reside when they die. Steve briefly described this earlier in the film, " I remember taking the plane up and then nothing, really. Nothing. But somehow, I know I've been someplace since then. Someplace that's, uh… I can't really put words to it. But it's... It's good. And then I… woke up here."

Are you satisfied with that answer from DC in Wonder Woman 1984? Director Patty Jenkins left a lot to our imaginations. It's always been a trick of studios to leave the ending ambiguous so that they can mysteriously return the character back in a pinch.

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