Wonder Woman 1984, What Did the Kid Wish For? Full Explanation of Son's Wish and Everything We Know

Wonder Woman's journey in the DC world has shown her cycle from the present, going back to the past. Diana (Gal Gadot) was introduced in Batman v Superman which was set in the modern age, which was set into the modern age, while her prequel and origin film was set during World War 1, and the sequel brings us to the 1984 setting. Fans have been clamoring to see WW84 since 2019 but the pandemic has pushed it back all the way to December 2020. After the movie has finished, many fans have some questions for the characters, including Alistair's (Lucian Perez) exact wish in the film.

WARNING! If you haven't watched Wonder Woman 1984, please be advised that the following content contains major SPOILERS.

There are three main characters that Wonder Woman 1984 focused on. As much as fans love Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), he was only a manifestation of Diana's figment of the imagination.

The three main characters were Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal), Barbara Minerva who is also known as Cheetah (Kristen Wiig), and Princess Diana/Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman. Their wishes were the main focal point of the film, including the world's wishes that give Maxwell Lord more power.

What Happens to Cheetah?

Barbara desires to be recognized and appreciated. She wanted to feel important and assumed that Diana wanted the same. However, in reality, Diana shunned the attention and preferred to live anonymously. When Barbara was able to get a taste of Diana's power, she confronted her former friend at The White House, where Barbara realizes the truth that power isn't enough. This led her to ask Maxwell Lord to have another wish, where she wishes to become an apex predator. She wanted to be Cheetah.

Wonder Woman 1984 Cheetah tries to open Diana's wings.
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Diana doesn't want to hurt Cheetah but she wanted her former friend to renounce her wish. Cheetah refuses to renounce her wish. Wonder Woman uses electricity and water to stun Cheetah, where we see the villain sink to the bottom of the water when women were fighting. Director Patty Jenkins stated that she wanted it to be ambiguous to allow viewers to ask questions.

What Happens to Maxwell Lord?

Maxwell was granting wishes from people around the world but getting something valuable in return. The more wishes Maxwell grants, the more power he obtains. Diorama realized that to stop Maxwell, everyone whose wish was granted has to the most selfless task and renounces the wish.

Wonder Woman 1984 Diana traps Maxwell Lord with lasso of truth.
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Lord was able to access a government satellite network, allowing him to broadcast to every person on the planet. As he grants wishes, the actions of many people led to worldwide chaos, putting Max's young son in danger. Diana was able to break through to Max but telling him about the power of the truth. She uses the Lasso of Truth to let Max see his wrongdoings. Through Maxwell, Diana spoke to the people of the world and convinced them to renounce their wishes, which led to the world reverting to normalcy.

What Did the Kid Wish For?

When Maxwell was explaining to his son that his greatness is his son's greatness, Alistair wishes for his father's greatness. Later on, when Maxwell realizes his mistakes, it leads to Max reuniting with his son. He sees his son wandering alone in the chaos and realizes that he has been a bad father. He renounces his own wishes and reunited with him. The kid wished that his estranged, megalomaniac, and power-hungry father would return to him. The kid's wish only happened when his own dad renounced his wish and realized the error in his ways.

Wonder Woman 1984 Maxwell Lord's son makes a wish.
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Meanwhile, Barbara renounces her wish and returns to normal but she was seen looking sadly on the cliffside. It is unclear whether she has fully renounced her wish as it is presumed that she let go of her wish. Still, it wasn't shown that she has explicitly renounced her wish.

Wonder Woman 1984 is available in theaters and streaming on HBO Max.

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