How to Watch Wonder Woman 1984 for Free on HBO Max

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Wonder Woman 1984 is already here for us to enjoy and even if you're a little skeptical to see it due to the generally unfavorable reviews it's been getting from fans and critics alike, you still owe it to yourself to see it and be the judge. Personally, I've seen it twice already and I absolutely enjoyed it.

Given the current pandemic we've all been dealing with for close to a year now, it's quite understandable how a lot of people wouldn't risk heading out to their local cinema to get their usual movie fix. Thankfully, the folks over at Warner Bros. Pictures have come up with alternative ways for you to see the latest installment in the DC Extended Universe and that is via the new streaming service, HBO Max.

Now, you may be wondering how exactly you can watch WW1984 for free through the aforementioned streaming app, especially considering the fact that HBO Max has put an end to its free trial feature ahead of the film's release but worry not, we got you covered.

Despite HBO Max discontinuing its free trial offer, you can still check out the free trial version of HBO Max via Hulu and YouTube TV and that is good for an entire week to its subscribers. There's also the option of using your existing HBO cable subscription which saves you the hassle of signing up for the streaming service, not to mention a few bucks.

If you're on a tight budget and can't afford to spend 15 dollars for a monthly subscription, you can totally ask for a friend who's already subscribed to HBO Max as the service allows up to five profiles to share the app.

There are loads of ways on how you can catch Wonder Woman 1984 without having to resort to illegal downloading and piracy. You gotta hurry though as the film will only be available on HBO Max for 31 days from its release.

Wonder Woman 1984 is also screening in select cinemas worldwide.

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