Wonder Woman 1984: Who is Asteria in Greek Mythology, Will She Return, Full Explanation and Everything We Know

Wonder Woman 1984 officially debuted on December 25. The film received mixed reviews and the box office returns amounted to $85 million globally during the weekend. The returns were not so bad considering the ongoing pandemic that halted almost every industry including the film industry. The film left many people with questions, particularly about Asteria.

Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) remains to be the center of attention, but several characters also grabbed the attention of many people. Those characters include Barbara Minerva also known as Cheetah (Kristen Wiig) and Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal). Aside from the three main characters, the film introduced another prominent character. The viewers were treated with a legendary character known as the fiercest Amazonian warrior known as Asteria, who was played by Lynda Carter. Lynda Carter also played Wonder Woman on TV during the 1970s.

Carter returned to the Wonder Woman world as another character which led many fans to become more excited for what's to come. WW84 made several references to Asteria, including her valiant backstory when Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) asked Diana about Asteria's golden armor that Diana keeps hidden away. In the mid-credits scene of the film, it was shown that Asteria is alive and well, thriving in the modern world.

Wonder Woman 1984: Who is Asteria?

Wonder Woman 1984: Who is Asteria? Lynda Carter's cameo in the film.
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Asteria in Greek Mythology

In Greek Mythology, Asteria was the daughter of Titans Phoebe and Coeus (Polus), as well as the sister of Leto. Asteria lived in Olympus and like her sister Leto, she was beloved by Zeus. She tried escaping the advances of Zeus, who used the form of an eagle to pursue her. Asteria transformed into a quail and flung herself to the Aegean Sea. She metamorphosed into the island known as Asteria.

Asteria in the Comics

Asteria appeared in the 1998 Elseworld's Finest: Supergirl and Batgirl comic book. The story focused on an alternate Earth where the main champions were Batgirl and Supergirl. The world's preeminent super team was known as the Justice Society of America. Earth 1098 showcased heroes with some of the familiar names and introduced a powerful woman in the roster, her name was Asteria.

There is very little known about Asteria's story, but it seems like she is another Amazon warrior. Outside of her appearance on Earth-1098, Asteria was never seen again in the comics. However, there is evidence that DC may have plans in introducing a different Asteria in the comics. Wonder Woman mentioned an ancient Amazon warrior called Asteria, in a Justice League comic event, called the Drowned Earth.

Diana told Aquaman about a warrior named Asteria, whose deeds were legendary. Diana even named her eagle Asteria. The character was not seen but the fact that the name was mentioned means they have plans for the character soon.

How Will Asteria Return to Wonder Woman?

In the Greek Mythology version of Asteria, she was the mother of the divine hero named Heracles, by the way of Zeus. Diana's true origins in the comics and adaptation have been unclear. Wonder Woman's origin story often relates to the story that her mother, Queen Hippolyta was sculpted from clay.

Wonder Woman 1984: Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in the 1970s TV series.
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Credit: Warner Bros.

The fact that Wonder Woman introduced Asteria means that Patty Jenkins and screenwriter Geoff Johns may have plans for her character soon. Although their plans for Asteria's storyline is still unclear for now, there is a possibility that DCEU may alter Greek mythology. Instead of Heracles being the child of Asteria, DC may add some twist that Asteria is Diana's true mother.

Carter's appearance in Wonder Woman 1984 is merely a cameo. However, the question remains if her appearance is a simple fun cameo or if it is setting her up for something much bigger. Asteria's existence is not a critical factor in the comics but her Greek mythology version of having a heroic child might become a factor in the films. After all, Diana is the daughter of Zeus and the father of Asteria's child is also Zeus. There are plenty of interesting details that Jenkins and Johns can dive into, especially with Wonder Woman 3 getting confirmed by Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman 1984 is now available on COVID-safe cinemas and streaming on HBO Max.

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