Go Behind-the-Scenes at Wit Studio in Free-to-Watch English Documentary

Wit Studio Documentary Attack on Titan Eren

Wit Studio Documentary Attack on Titan Eren

Here’s something that’s pretty much required viewing for anime fans. NHK World TV recently released a new free-to-watch documentary featuring Wit Studio.

As the anime studio behind hits like the first three seasons of Attack on Titan as well as Spy x Family (in collaboration with CloverWorks), this documentary is well worth watching as it features a behind-the-scenes look at the studio.

While Spy x Family is Wit’s latest work, this documentary focuses on the studio’s origins with Attack on Titan, as well as its lesser-known projects.

Wit Studio’s Works

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Attack on Titan may have moved to another studio, but the show is still very much entwined with the identity and history of Wit Studio.

The studio began as a spinoff of Production I.G back in 2012 and its first major work was the first season of Shingeki no Kyojin.

Attack on Titan went on to become a hit not only in Japan but also globally.

Since then, Wit Studio has worked on various other shows over the decade, and they returned to Attack on Titan for the second and third seasons.

Another anime from Wit that is explored in the documentary is the movie Bubble, which was made in collaboration with Netflix.

In the past years, Netflix partnered with Wit Studio for the creation of various anime projects, including Great Pretender.

Spy x Family is also mentioned, though given the timing of the documentary’s creation, the series was not one of the projects that were focused on.

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Wit Studio Gets a Free NHK TV Documentary

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While NHK is Japan’s public broadcaster, the network also has NHK World TV, an English-language TV network with an online VOD service that’s available for free.

On NHK World TV’s platforms, the Wit Studio documentary was released for free, giving fans a chance to gain some interesting insight into the studio’s works and the people behind them.

Along with Bubble and Attack on Titan, another interesting anime that was given the spotlight is Ranking of Kings, a fantasy anime with a unique art style.

While the documentary is available for free online, it will only be there for a limited time.

Thankfully, it will be available for one year, which means it will be taken off the website on February 15, 2024.

You can watch the documentary now at NHK World TV’s On Demand service.

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