Who Is Senku's Real Father in Dr. Stone?

Who Is Senku's Real Father in Dr. Stone?
Credit: TMS Entertainment

Who Is Senku's Real Father in Dr. Stone?
Credit: TMS Entertainment

In Dr. Stone, the identity of Senku's true parental figure remains a mystery that continues to intrigue fans worldwide. While hints and clues are scattered throughout the series, the puzzle of Senku’s real father proves to be a mystery that adds depth to his storyline.

So, let’s try to find out more about Senku’s biological father in this adventure and sci-fi anime series.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers from the Dr. Stone manga and anime.

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Who Is Senku’s Real Father?

Senku Dr. Stone
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Credit: TMS Entertainment

Let’s jump straight into it and address the elephant in the room. The identity of Senku’s real parents remains a mystery in the series.

Senku’s biological parents never show up in Dr. Stone. The manga is finished, and it is confirmed that fans will never get to see Senku’s biological father.

However, we do know that Senku was adopted by his biological father’s good friend, Byakuya Ishigami.

Who Is Senku’s Adoptive Father in Dr. Stone?

Byakuya Dr. Stone
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As mentioned above, Byakuya is the adoptive father of Senku.

While in space aboard the International Space Station, he was an astronaut when the mass-petrification event took place on the surface of Earth.

Prior to the petrification event, Byakuya, a devoted and supportive father, sold his car to provide for his son Senku’s scientific pursuits.

Byakuya selling his car for Senku in Dr. Stone
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Despite their contrasting personalities, the two maintained a strong rapport, bonded by shared perspectives on life.

Senku held a deep admiration for Byakuya and cherished the values instilled by his upbringing.

Senku knew that Byakuya was his adoptive father but the former did not care much knowing about his real father.

For Senku, Byakuya was his “real” father who did everything that a parental figure would do for their child.

Senku and Byakuya
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Following the global petrification, Byakuya and the other astronauts, returning to Earth, found themselves marooned on a nearby island.

Despite uncertainties, Byakuya remained unwavering in his faith that humanity would break free from the stone, and that he would one day meet his son, Senku.

1000 years after the petrification catastrophe, Senku made an astonishing revelation about his father.

Senku revealed that Byakuya is one of the architects behind the Ishigami Village.

Is Senku’s Father Alive?

Senku's Father Byakuya
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Credit: TMS Entertainment

While Senku didn’t often display his love, he harbored deep care for his father, Byakuya.

Learning that his father had survived the petrification, only to pass away 3000 years earlier, left Senku profoundly saddened.

Standing at Byakuya’s grave, Senku’s tears betrayed his inner grief, yet he found solace in the fact that his father had unwavering faith in his ability to revitalize the world.

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