Is the Dr. Stone Manga Complete, Finished, or Ongoing? Current Status

Is the Dr. Stone Manga Complete, Finished, or Ongoing?
Credit: TMS Entertainment

Is the Dr. Stone Manga Complete, Finished, or Ongoing?
Credit: TMS Entertainment

Dr. Stone takes fans back to the Stone Age when the world was literally shackled in stone. With its third season currently airing, what is the current status of the Dr. Stone manga? Here's all you need to know!

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Dr. Stone: A Sci-Fi Series With a Unique Premise

Dr. Stone follows the story of Senku Ishigami and the modern world which was hit by a mysterious light that turned everyone into stone.

Senku's goal is simple: to bring the world back to normalcy by bringing back all those who were petrified. However, the journey is not that simple.

It is not without adversity as not everyone who got out of their stones agrees with Senku's vision.

He chances upon his nemesis, Tsukasa Shishio, who believes that the world only needs the fittest to thrive and that only the strongest should be given a chance to survive.

Dr Stone plot
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Credit: TMS Entertainment

The world then gets divided into factions: the Kingdom of Science with the Ishigami Village, and the Tsukasa Empire.

The Kingdom of Science thrives by bringing back some inventions from the modern world in order to attack the Tsukasa Empire.

On the other hand, the Tsukasa Empire grows in number as they continue to advocate the ideology of survival of the fittest.

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Dr. Stone Anime's Popularity and Success

The Dr. Stone Anime's Popularity and Success
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Dr. Stone was one of the biggest anime shows that came out in 2019.

After gaining popularity and positive reception from fans, the show secured a second season titled Dr. Stone: Stone Wars.

This was followed by a third season titled Dr. Stone: New World which came out in April 2023.

The animated series is based on the shounen manga series of the same name that's written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi.

The Dr. Stone anime is currently in its third season and is released weekly on Crunchyroll.

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What Is the Current Status of the Dr. Stone Manga?

Dr. Stone manga status
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The Dr. Stone manga series concluded in March 2022 with a total of 232 chapters that can be collected into 26 tankōbon volumes. An additional chapter was published in July 2022.

The Dr. Stone manga has many arcs which are divided into various sagas: The Prologue Saga, The Ishigami Village Saga, The Stone Wars Saga, The Source of the Petrification Saga, and The Truth of The Petrification Saga.

The Dr. Stone manga sealed its success by having 14 million copies in circulation as of June 2022.

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