Who Dies and Who Survives in Vinland Saga?

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Who Dies and Who Survives in Vinland Saga? Thorfinn
Credit: Wit Studio
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Vinland Saga is no stranger to the deaths of its characters, considering how violent this historical anime is. Plot armor, whether for a main or secondary character, does not exist in Makoto Yukimura's manga series. Given the anime's level of violence, who dies and who survives in Vinland Saga?

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers about character deaths in Vinland Saga.


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Who Dies and Who Survives in Vinland Saga?

In Vinland Saga Season 1, Thors Snorresson, the father of Thorfinn, dies after Askeladd and Bjorn do him dirty by using Thorfinn’s life against him.

Thors' death was one of the major deaths in the Vinland Saga that paved a vengeful path for Thorfinn at such a young age.

If Thor hadn’t died that day, Thorfinn would be a different person, and going to war would not have occurred to him.

Who Dies and Who Survives in Vinland Saga? Thors
Credit: Wit Studio

But, before Thors died, the death of Halfdan's runaway slave had a significant impact on Thorfinn and his family.

As the runaway slave sleeps on his deathbed and thinks about Vinland, Thor frees him from Halfdan’s iron chain in exchange for his horde of sheep.

It was a significant death because the runaway slave represents the horrors of slavery, war, and violence that are prevalent throughout the Vinland Saga.

He also represents hope, in the sense that peace and freedom can still be found in a chaotic world.

Who Dies and Who Survives in Vinland Saga? Bjorn
Credit: Wit Studio

Moving on, Bjorn's death is valiant, as he died at the hands of his friend Askeladd. His pride and honor as a warrior allowed him to challenge Askeladd to a final duel rather than dying as a result of the injury he received from his former comrades.

Furthermore, Prince Canute's father, King Sweyn, was killed by Askeladd. Understandably, King Sweyn must die in the series to allow Prince Canute to ascend to the throne and gain more power.

However, the manner in which King Sweyn died was not what Prince Canute had anticipated.

Because King Sweyn had insulted Askeladd's origins, the latter did not contemplate beheading him in front of Canute and so many of his warriors.

Who Dies and Who Survives in Vinland Saga? Thorfinn and Askeladd
Credit: Wit Studio

Following that incident, Askeladd realized he, too, needed to die, but not at the hands of Thorfinn, but at the hands of Canute.

Arnheid and Gardar, star-crossed lovers in Vinland Saga Season 2, die on Ketil's farm.

After Arnheid frees Gardar, the two decide to flee, only for the latter to perish as a result of his injuries.


Ketil later killed Arnheid and her unborn child after learning that she had freed Gardar.

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Does Thorfinn Die in Vinland Saga?

No, Thorfinn does not die in the Vinland Saga. He is still alive and well in Vinland, along with his family, Einar, Hild, and the rest of the settlers.

Even after so many story arcs, Thorfinn survives in the hopes of finding peace within himself and in Vinland someday.

However, we all know that the horrors of war continue to haunt Thorfinn, not only in his dreams but also in reality.


With how the manga is going, it looks like there will be an all-out war between the settlers and the Lnu tribe if Thorfinn does not do anything to stop it from happening.

Thorfinn, on the other hand, is preparing to leave for Iceland with Einar, Leif, and Bug-eyes by the end of Vinland Saga Season 2, which we expect to conclude in Chapter 99 of the manga.

Before setting sail, Snake, Olmar, Pater, and Ketil himself expressed their gratitude to Thorfinn for convincing Canute to withdraw his forces from Ketil's farm.

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