Does Thorfinn Go to Vinland in Vinland Saga?

Does Thorfinn Go to Vinland in Vinland Saga? Thorfinn
Credit: Wit Studio

Does Thorfinn Go to Vinland in Vinland Saga? Thorfinn
Credit: Wit Studio

In Iceland, Leif's story about Vinland is almost legendary. Some people believe him, while others do not. It's natural for them not to believe in a place like Vinland, especially if they've only heard about it from Leif and haven't seen it for themselves. In light of this, does Thorfinn go to Vinland in Vinland Saga?

Vinland Saga revolves around Thorfinn, a young man with a vengeful soul, who has witnessed all kinds of war and horror.

Thorfinn becomes a slave at Ketil Farm in Vinland Saga Season 2 after Canute killed Askeladd.

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers that have not yet been covered by Vinland Saga's anime adaptation.

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Where Is Vinland?

Beyond the sea to the west of Iceland is a region known as Vinland, which contains vast forests and enough pastures to feed the sheep. Some might even call it heaven on Earth.

It is a haven for people, especially those who have experienced slavery, those who are persecuted, those who want to flee, and those who are constantly fighting and tired of the world's constant violence.

Some may refer to it as a utopia, a place free of war, slavery, unnecessary conflict, and corruption.

It is a surreal place where people can rest in eternal peace, live comfortably, and find genuine happiness.

The journey to Vinland takes about six weeks, but it could take longer or shorter depending on weather conditions and what else happens on the high seas.

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Does Thorfinn Go to Vinland?

Thorfinn finally goes to Vinland, also known as Prince Edward Island in modern times, in Chapter 180 of the Vinland Saga manga. He took more than six weeks to complete the journey after setting sail from Iceland in the spring when the sea currents were calm.

He set sail from Iceland for Greenland, where they took advantage of westbound currents to avoid a difficult journey.

They also made a stop at Leif's farm to recruit new settlers and persuade people to join them on their journey.

Afterward, Thorfinn and his people set sail due west, arriving at Helluland, also known as the Island of the Stones.

Does Thorfinn Go to Vinland? Thorfinn
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They then circled the coast for a week before arriving at the Markland of the Forests, where Thorfinn left some of his people who wanted to end their journey there.

Later, Thorfinn headed south for the next few weeks, passing by a cape marked by shipwrecks. They sailed around the cape, south for a few days, and eventually found Leif's cabin.

Thorfinn took seven weeks after setting sail south to find Vinland. There, Thorfinn worked tirelessly to construct their main village, which they named Arnheid in honor of their late friend.

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What Is Thorfinn’s Purpose in Vinland?

Thorfinn's ultimate goal is to establish a country in Vinland by recruiting settlers and pioneers willing to sow the land, raise farm animals, and grow a population. He also wants the area to be free of any weapons that could spark a war among his people.

He intends to grow wheat and build houses in their first year in Vinland. This is why Thorfinn and his people needed to arrive in Vinland at the right time to clear the field and sow the grain.

Further, Thorfinn and his companions also discover the indigenous tribe Lnu, also known as the Mi'kmaq, in the 21st century.

What is Thorfinn's Purpose in Vinland Saga? Thorfinn
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Thorfinn offered gifts to establish friendly relations, and thankfully, the Lnu tribe returned the favor despite the shaman's advice to drive them off the island.

To avoid internal conflict, Thorfinn steps up to become Vinland's leader. The more people decide to settle in Vinland, the more difficult it is to keep them under control and their obsession with private land ownership.

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