The Sleeping Viking: Does Thorfinn Fight Again in Vinland Saga?

Will Thorfinn Ever Fight Again in Vinland Saga? Thorfinn
Credit: MAPPA

Will Thorfinn Ever Fight Again in Vinland Saga? Thorfinn
Credit: MAPPA

Unlike the first season, Vinland Saga Season 2 slowly built up the events of the Slave arc leading up to Thorfinn and Canute's reunion. Now that the son of Thors has adopted a new lifestyle, does Thorfinn fight again in Vinland Saga?

Vinland Saga is one of the most violent historical anime series out there, with tons of killings, harassment, and slavery.

This is why anime-only viewers were perplexed by Vinland Saga Season 2's abrupt shift from the anime's history of violence to Thorfinn's change of character.

Spoiler Warning: There are Vinland Saga manga spoilers ahead that have not yet been covered by the anime adaptation.

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How Did Thorfinn Learn to Fight?

Thorfinn took it upon himself to exact vengeance on his nemesis after Thors died at the hands of Askeladd. He stayed with Askeladd, but he also served him in unimaginable horrors.

At such a young age, Thorfinn learned to fend for himself and how to quickly kill someone by targeting their vital organs.

He also learned how to infiltrate villages and seize the heads of the most important people, as Askeladd demands.

Thorfinn, who has gained battle experience, intends to kill Askeladd in a true duel between the two warriors.

He trained night and day to exact his revenge on Askeladd, disregarding his own safety during their corrupt activities.

Unfortunately, Askelad had to die before Thorfinn could kill him. Sadly, Thorfinn had never won a formal duel against Askeladd when he was alive, no matter how many times he trained.

It was Canute who ultimately robbed Thorfinn of his chance to bring justice to his father's death by killing Askeladd to gain more power over the throne.

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Why Did Thorfinn Stop Fighting?

Thorfinn stopped fighting because his past life as a murderous and violent warrior tormented him every day.

It haunts him even more at night, causing him to have nightmares that frequently wake Einar up. He frequently sees the faces of his victims dragging him through the gates of hell.

Worse, Askeladd appears before him like a nightmare, even in the middle of the day. He acts like Thorfinn's conscience and voice of reason, sending him negative thoughts one after the other!

At the end of Vinland Saga Season 1, Thorfinn was not able to claim Askeladd's life after Canute killed his nemesis.

As a result, Thorfinn raised his sword in Canute's face, and as punishment, he was sold as a slave at Ketil's farm.

There, Thorfinn lost his sense of purpose and direction in life, and he became a changed man.

Every day, Thorfinn reflects on his past, particularly his sins against the innocent people who became part of his revenge plan.

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So, Does Thorfinn Ever Fight Again?

Will Thorfinn Ever Fight Again in Vinland Saga? Thorfinn
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Credit: MAPPA

Thorfinn fought thrice in the Slave Arc, and that was it. When Snake provoked him, he raised his fists for the first time after staying at Ketil's farm for quite a long time.

It was not his intention to fight Snake, but rather, his body recognized Snake as an opponent similar to Askeladd's vibes.

It was an instant reaction, and Thorfinn was taken aback to see himself in action.

The second time he fought was when he became enraged at the farmhands for destroying their wheat.

Will Thorfinn Ever Fight Again in Vinland Saga? Askeladd
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While Einar was happy that Thorfinn threw a punch, the latter fell into a massive hole where he saw Askeladd, reminding him of his true battle in life.

Thorfinn was moved to tears after seeing the many people he had killed in the past and not knowing who they were.

What better way to redeem himself than to swear an oath never to hurt anyone again?

Thorfinn's decision was also supported by his father's memory, and he has resolved never to use violence again.

Since then, Thorfinn has never fought again in Vinland Saga, or so we thought.

Thorfinn fought for the third time, but at this point, he had no intention of killing his opponent. He merely wished to protect the runaway slave, Gardar, from Snake.

They had an intense confrontation, but it was just for a short time. They not only tested each other's reflexes, but they also assessed the threat each other posed.

In the succeeding chapters, Thorfinn was left with no choice but to fight Hild in single-man combat after they encountered each other and learned about their shared history in the Eastern Expedition Arc of the manga.

Instead of drawing his daggers, Thorfinn chose to engage in peaceful negotiations.

He began to resemble Thors, who had previously told him that a true warrior does not rely on his blade.

In fact, he didn't bother answering Drott's violence before getting an audience with Canute to save Ketil's farm and its residents.

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Will Thorfinn Ever Fight Again in Vinland Saga? Thorfinn
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Credit: MAPPA

He also refused to kill Canute, saying that he would rather escape from him just to avoid violence.

Canute laughed when he witnessed Thorfinn change his way of life.

Even though they have differing views on life, Canute believes Thorfinn is a good companion, which is why he withdraws his army from Ketil's farm.

The main takeaway is that Thorfinn never recovered his former glory after swearing an oath of non-violence.

He adapted Thors' pacifism and would only fight if there was no choice left. He also vows not to kill anyone anymore.

So, it is understandable for fans to have a change of heart when it comes to their love for Thorfinn.

But still, Thorfinn's character development is well-written, and there's no denying it.

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