Who Are the New Characters in My Hero Academia World Heroes' Mission?

My Hero Academia recently released a movie entitled, “My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission”. The movie made its premiere in Japan on August 6, 2021 while the movie was released in Canada and the United States on October 29, 2021. The new franchise focused on Izuki Midoriya, Shoto Todoroki, and Katsuki Bakugo.

The movie was set in European nation of Otheon, a fictional area. The three of them were joined by new characters who made the story interesting. For those who have not watched the film yet, below are the characters they should expect in the movie.

Who Are the New Characters in My Hero Academia World Heroes' Mission?

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The first character is Rody Soul who is a civilian and native. He is an interesting character who wears mismatched clothes. Those who watched the trailer will notice him running away from the police with a metal suitcase. Izuku was able to stop Rody. Based on the trailer, it seems like Rody is a petty criminal or vigilante.

Another character is Claire Voyance. Like Rody, she appeared on the trailer in which she wore a costume with the WHA or World Heroes Association logo on the upper sleeves. This could mean that she is an international hero who will provide help to any emergency around the world. It also revealed that she works with Endeavor.

Her quirk is that she can see through anything. This includes thick walls. The quirk makes her a good asset to spot enemies and traps. She can also be helpful in search-and-rescue missions.

The next character is called Belos who is a villain with an archery quirk. She can morph her left hand and turn it into a bow that can be used for combat. Joining Belos is Sir Pentas, another villain who is actually two people or twins. They can manipulate various swords at once which is dangerous for close-range combat.

Shidero is a supporting villain role who works with Belos. He can develop a steady supply of iron balls which makes the two a perfect combo. The other characters to look out for are Leviathan and Allen Kay. To know more about these interesting new characters, stay tuned to the My Hero Academia World Heroes' Mission.

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