Will Shoto End up With Momo in My Hero Academia?

Since My Hero Academia has tons of characters, it would not be a surprise if fans ship other characters aside from the popular Uraraka and Midoriya tandem. One of these side ships is TodoMomo or Shoto Todoroki and Momo Yaoyorozu pairing.  

Unlike Uraraka and Midoriya, Momo and Shoto have limited interactions but fans already noticed the chemistry between the two. The two share a lot of similarities like entering U.A High via recommendation, coming from rich and famous families, and having powerful quirks. It was also given that Momo admires Shoto for being always one step ahead of her. Will the two of them end up together? 

Will Shoto End up With Momo in My Hero Academia

Will Shoto End up With Momo in My Hero Academia 1
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As of this writing, Momo and Shoto’s relationship are still friends. But since the manga and anime are still ongoing, fans of the pairing can still hope for a chance that the two might end up together considering that there is no other woman Shoto is close with. 

The two were also together in a festival as seen in the drama CD named Ennichi Festival where Shoto complimented her yukata saying it fits her well. The rest of the class saw them and thought they were on a date. Shoto also has a deep respect for Momo as he voted for her as class president and chose her to be part of his team during the sports festival.  

There were a lot of times when Shoto would be seen worried about her. One of these is during the 1A vs 1B arc when Momo fought against Kendo. When she lost, he said that he hopes she won’t be discouraged again as he would always push Momo to do her best. Another moment that could lead up to them ending together was when Todoroki opened up to her during the Ennichi Festival. As fans were already aware, Shoto isn’t the type who would just open up to anyone. This means that he trusts her a lot, and he even thought that he was burdening her. 

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