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Why Does Deku’s Costume Change? What Does Each Costume Mean?

In every hero story, the hero always has a costume. He or she changes into that costume whenever there is an incident or a moment that they need to help other people. The same goes for the characters in My Hero Academia. When Izuku Midoriya entered U.A High School, he and the rest of the students were asked to make their own costumes.

Eventually, the costumes start to change depending on the improvement of their skills. Sometimes, even the characters’ growth mentally and physically has an impact on the change of costume. Those who joined Izuku Midoriya’s journey will notice that his costume evolved as his quirk. But what do these mean?

Why Does Deku’s Costume Change? What Does Each Costume Mean?

Why Does Deku’s Costume Change? What Does Each Costume Mean?
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Why Does Deku’s Costume Change? What Does Each Costume Mean?

The first costume that Midoriya has is the Costume Alpha. It has the vibe of a Western comic book hero from the 20th century. It is a full-body green jumpsuit with knee and elbow pads. Completing the outfit was distinguishable red shoes and a red belt. The mask he wore contains long ears with a respirator that looks like All Might. The costume looks like a replica of All Might, giving an impression that Midoriya will follow in the footsteps of his idol.


The second costume was called Costume Beta. The costume was improved in terms of design and the features are sturdier than the first costume. His knee pads extended his thighs and his respirator was changed to a diamond-shaped metal. The change of costume was needed as Midoriya started to learn more about his quirk.

The third costume was called Costume Gamma. This costume was made to accommodate the Shoot Style in which the Costume Gamma has iron soles on its shoes to magnify the power every time Midoriya kicks and punches. He added Air Force Gloves for his finger flicks to be more concentrated whenever he makes a powerful blast. The new costume is a bit far from what Costume Alpha looks like, giving fans an idea that Midoriya now has his own hero identity.

The fourth costume was the Stealth Suit. This costume appeared on World Heroes’ Mission. This version of Midoriya’s costume has a better look with a sleeker design thanks to its black and green accents. His mask was turned into a hood which makes it ideal for stealth missions. This could mean that the range of Midoriya’s skills widened, improving his overall abilities.

The last costume, as of this writing, is the Vigilante Deku. It has a darker vibe that shows his transition from being a hero to a vigilante. As compared with the other costumes, this one looks like the Costume Alpha but with an evil vibe. It also has Gran Torino’s yellow cape but it was scarred as compared with the one used by Gran Torino himself.

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