Is Bakugo the Number 2 Hero? Will He Ever Become Number 1?

Those who have been following the story of Izuku Midoriya will be aware that he always says that the story talks about how he became the number one hero. That alone gave fans an idea that someday, he will surpass All Might, and he will achieve his goal.

My Hero Academia has tons of strong characters that could be number one as well. But if we take into consideration what Midoriya said, that would mean that one of his classmates might have ended as a number 2 hero. Fans have been speculating who it will be and one of the names that usually pop up is Bakugo.

Is Bakugo the Number 2 Hero? Will He Ever Become Number 1?

 Is Bakugo the Number 2 Hero? Will He Ever Become Number 1? 1
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While there is no official announcement or hints that Bakugo will be the number 2 hero, there are a lot of signs that he can be second to Midoriya. One is that he has a strong and unique quirk. Bakugo’s quirk has proven to be strong and can match up with Midoriya’s abilities.

Another reason is that he is Midoriya’s rival since day one, more or less the same as Endeavor and All Might’s relationship. Even if Endeavor has a strong quirk, he feels second to All Might and fans have witnessed the same thing with Bakugo and Midoriya.

Bakugo wanted to become the number one hero. He is passionate and determined to achieve his goal like Midoriya which means that he will continue to improve in the series. Fans think that with his mindset and abilities, he is sure to be the number 2 hero in the future.

There are also some similarities between Bakugo and Endeavor. While Bakugo wanted to surpass All Might, there are a lot of times when he is trapped between being a hero and a villain, like what happened to Endeavor. Their abilities make them great villains but it is their passion that makes them stay as heroes.

The two characters are also self-absorbed because of their arrogance. Their quirks are heat-based which encouraged Endeavor to give tips on how to improve Bakugo’s quirk. If Endeavor will train Bakugo, there is a huge chance his abilities will improve.

Fans will have to wait and see what happens to Bakugo in the series and which path will he truly end up with. Will it be the same as Endeavor?

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