Is My Hero Academia an Isekai?

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What makes My Hero Academia interesting is because it is set in a world where people with quirks or powers and those who don’t live together. From there alone, fans already have an impression that the series is fantasy and far from the reality we live in.

With this, those who haven’t watched the series or read the manga might have an impression that My Hero Academia is an isekai. But before we answer that, we should have an understanding of what an isekai is.


Isekai is a Japanese story in which the main character is transported into another world. It can be through summoning or reincarnation. Some novels might use God as a way to transport the protagonist. Find out if My Hero Academia fits the description by reading this article.

Is My Hero Academia an Isekai?

Is My Hero Academia an Isekai 1

The answer is no. Izuku Midoriya is not transported to another world or was summoned there. From what Hirokoshi created, Midoriya was already living in that world.


My Hero Academia is set in Musutafu, Japan. It has been said that the name Musutafu is a reference to Mustafar, a planet from Star Wars universe. Fans speculate that the series started in the year 2148 when Midoriya is still 14 years old.

Fans also believe that the reason the series is set about 300 years in the future is that the characters in the hit series have quirks that came from technology. Although these are still assumptions by fans, what is clear is that despite My Hero Academia being a fantasy series, it is not an isekai.

What is My Hero Academia About Then

Is My Hero Academia an Isekai 2

Although My Hero Academia is not an isekai, it is still an interesting series to watch. It is a Japanese superhero show wherein the protagonist, Izuku Midoriya is born quirkless. All his life he wanted to be a hero but how can he become a hero if he doesn’t have a quirk?

This conflict alone can convince anime fans to watch the show. It even gets better when All Might, Midoriya’s idol and Japan’s greatest hero, decides that Midoriya will be the successor of his quirk called One For All.

Know what happens to Midoriya’s journey by watching all the series’ episodes online! The good news is that Season 5 is set to be released in March 2021 so you can binge-watch everything!

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