Which Characters Can Fly in My Hero Academia?

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Which Characters Can Fly in My Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia introduced a wide variety of quirks from One For All to flight. Officially, only Christopher Skyline from My Hero Academia: Vigilantes has the flight quirk. But there are also heroes and even villains in My Hero Academia who can fly.

The superhero-themed anime introduced a lot of interesting quirks. Some are unique to anime fans while some are classic superpowers like super strength and invisibility. This is why when the ability to fly was introduced, it was no longer a surprise to fans of the genre.

In fact, there are quite a number of My Hero Academia characters who can do this. Get to know more about them below!

  1. Hawks

    Before he was Hawks, the hero was named Keigo Takami. He is the current no. 2 Pro Hero. His quirk is called Fierce Wings in which he has two bright red and feathery wings on his back. This quirk allows him to fly and control the nature and movement of each feather telekinetically.

    The feathers can turn into a blade-like state or be used as projectiles. He can also control their trajectory and speed. Despite how each feather looks, these can carry medium-sized objects, including humans.

  2. Captain Celebrity

    Originally named Christopher Skyline, Captain Celebrity is an American Pro Hero whose quirk is flight. He can fly at any desired speed which allows him to do tactile telekinesis. He can also use a personal force field made up of telekinetic energy.

    Since he is the official hero with the flight quirk, Christopher can fly faster than the other heroes. His reaction response is also better than most characters.

    His aerodynamic barrier can protect him from physical harm, explosions, and even heat and cold. To top it off, he is also known for his immense strength.

  3. All For One

    All For One is known for compiling dozens of powerful quirks, including the ability to fly. The quirk that allows him to do this superpower is called the Air Walk in which he can stand on air and walk on invisible platforms.

    The quirk allows him to levitate as well which is beneficial during battles. He decided to give the quirk to Lady Nagant after she captured Deku for him.

  4. Nana Shimura

    Nana Shimura is the seventh user of One For All. She is the user of the quirk Float which allows her to float, based on its name. Although it is not technically flying, this quirk allows her to suspend herself in the air and levitate whenever she wants to.

    Her quirk received a boost after she acquired One For All. She then could fly at his speeds, giving her more advantage during battles. Her quirk was similar to All For One’s Air Walk.

  5. Hosu Nomu

    There are three kinds of Nomu and one of these has the ability to fly. The pale-yellow winged Nomu has bat-like wings that allow them to fly around.

    Although the quirk was not named, the wings on the Nomu’s back move to allow the creature to move from one place to another.

    Unfortunately, that’s the only ability the winged Nomu can do based on the current progress of My Hero Academia. Each Nomu has its own special quirks which make them different from one another.

  6. Deku

    Even the protagonist of My Hero Academia, Izuku Midoriya has the ability to fly after he acquired One For All from All Might.

    Since Nana has a quirk that can fly, Deku immediately acquired her quirk and used it in battles or whenever needed.

    It wasn’t easy as he had to master other quirks, especially the strength component of All For One. But with his perseverance and hard work, Deku is slowly getting used to his newly found abilities and even improves these as if they were his own.

  7. Lizardy

    Setsuna Tokage or Lizardy is a student at U.A. Her quirk is called Lizard Tail Splitter which lets her split her body into 50 pieces.

    She can move these parts freely, including letting them levitate in the air. These can move at high speeds too.

    In the case that these were destroyed or unusable, which can happen when the pieces are separated for too long, they can be regenerated and used once again.

    The regeneration ability is too exhausting which is why Setsuna tries to recall her parts as quickly as possible.

  8. Fumikage Tokoyami

    Also known as Jet Black Hero: Tsukuyomi, Fumikage Tokoyami’s quirk is Dark Shadow. This type of quirk grants him the ability to manifest a shadow monster from his body. However, Dark Shadow energy will only work when it's dark and the energy is limited.

    One of the abilities under this quirk is the Black Fallen Angel in which Fumikage places his body on top of Dark Shadow the shadow monster can levitate and carry Fumikage.

  9. Gran Torino

    Gran Torino is a retired Pro Hero who helped Deku control All For One. His quirk, called the Jet, lets him shoot jets of air coming from the soles of his feet.

    The air jets allow him to move at incredible speed and have amazing kicking power. He can also fly short distances quickly, making him a part of the list.

    According to All Might, Gran Torino can move faster than people can see. His speed is unlike any other to the point that he can knock out someone before they even notice that he is there.

  10. Katsuki Bakugo

    Katsuki Bakugo is the childhood friend of Deku and deuteragonist of My Hero Academia.

    His quirk is called the Explosion in which he can secrete nitroglycerin-like sweat in his hands and he can ignite to release strong explosions. This means that the more he sweats, the stronger and bigger the explosions are.

    One of his ultimate moves, called Explosive Speed, allows him to increase his speed and lift him to the air. To do this, he directs his hands to the ground to give him a boost.

    By propelling himself through the air, Bakugo can defeat his enemies faster and save more of those who are in need.

  11. Ryukyu

    Ryuko Tatsuma, or Dragon Hero Ryukyu, has the ability to transform herself into a dragon. This quirk provides her with superhuman durability and strength. She also has powerful claws and jaws.

    Her dragon wings allow her to fly and move to any place she desires.

    She is the no. 10 Pro Hero and she has decided to employ Uravity, Frloppy, and Nejire Chan during the Endeavor Agency Arc and Shie Hassaikai Arc.

  12. Endeavor

    Enji Todoroki, commonly known as Endeavor, is the current no. 1 Pro Hero. His quirk is called Hellflame in which he can manipulate and produce huge amounts of intensive fire. He can control the temperature and shape of the blaze he releases.

    Through Hellflame, he can propel himself up in the air, making it seem like he has the ability to fly. He has used this in battles or whenever he was saving someone from danger.

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