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12 Anime Like My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia continuously received positive responses from anime fans around the globe. It even won several awards and has sold more than 50 million copies worldwide. It is a Japanese superhero series that follows the story of Izuku Midoriya.

Fans joined his journey to become the number one hero in Japan. My Hero Academia is not just a typical superhero story. While fans anticipate Midoriya’s growth and watched him improve, the series also contains a comedic atmosphere and a lot of action-packed scenes. Each character has a unique personality and ability that would get viewers hooked. While we agree on how amazing My Hero Academia is, there is a lot of anime similar to it. Check these out.

  1. Kill la Kill

    As mentioned, My Hero Academia is full of amazing action scenes that make viewers glued to their seats. The same could be felt when fans watch Kill la Kill. The story is about Ryuuko Matoi who is looking for her father’s murderer.

    She does not know the exact identity of the killer but she has a scissor-shaped blade which serves as her only clue. Like Midoriya, she enters an academy called Honnouji Academy wherein she encountered ruthless students, including the academy’s council president.


  2. One Punch Man

    This series has the same superhero genre that My Hero Academia has. Saitama is a bald superhero who can finish his enemies with a single punch. Unlike Midoriya who just started his hero career, Saitama grew bored of his.

    He no longer wants to save the world but is focused on looking for a worthy opponent. The series also has a comedic side that will keep fans entertained.

  3. Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

    Midoriya started as a weak character much like the same as Tsunayoshi Sawada, Katekyo Hitman Reborn’s protagonist. But the two of them have an amazing fighting spirit that pushed them to become better.

    Tsunayoshi Sawada was treated like a loser because he is timid and weak. His life changed when Reborn decided to mentor him (much like how All Might came into Midoriya’s life) and released the beast in him.

  4. Assassination Classroom

    Speaking of All Might, another inspiring mentor that anime fans can check out is Kuro-sensei from Assassination Classroom. Despite the series talking about how his students can assassinate him, the story can give life lessons that fans can incorporate into their lives.

    There are also comedic scenes and touching scenes that would make viewers wish they had a mentor like Kuro-sensei. He cares about his students very much and does his best to help them with their grades.

  5. Concrete Revolutio

    Another superhero-themed series is Concrete Revolutio. It contains supernatural beings, aliens, and witches, among others. It follows Jirou Hitoyoshi who was once part of the Superhuman Bureau. He decided to quit and become a rebel against the organization.

    Like My Hero Academia, Concrete Revolutio has amazing animation and a story that can get the attention of viewers. It uses flashbacks as a way to tell the story as a whole. If fans are intrigued how Midoriya became the number one hero, new viewers of Concrete Revolutio will be interested to find out why Jirou decided to become a rebel.

  6. Hunter X Hunter

    My Hero Academia showcased the friendship between the characters as they fight opponents which can also be seen in Hunter X Hunter. Gon discovered amazing people during his Hunter Exam who became his real friends who never left his back. The two series also had strong and interesting villains that tested the skills of the protagonists.

    Midoriya and Gon were surrounded by good people who gave viewers an emphasis on how important it is to have people who will help you when you need them. Both characters are also the same when it comes to their determination to achieve their goal.


  7. Tiger and Bunny

    My Hero Academia introduced viewers to a world where there are humans who were born with powers or quirks. The same thing happened to Tiger and Bunny. Unexpected people started to gain powers and were categorized under NEXT or Noted Entities with Extraordinary Talents.

    Tiger and Bunny were forced to work together because of their sponsoring companies which can be similar to how heroes work in My Hero Academia. There are companies that train heroes to work under them.

  8. Black Clover

    Another underdog story that captured the hearts of fans is Black Clover. Midoriya and Asta are similar: they were born with no magical or supernatural abilities but they are determined to become the best. Midoriya wanted to be the number one hero while Asta wanted to be Wizard King.

    Things got interesting when the two protagonists were given powers that made them achieve their goals. Fans will watch these characters grow and improve throughout the series.

  9. Samurai Flamenco

    Just like Midoriya, Masayoshi Hazama wanted to become a superhero. It has been his lifelong dream but he was born without any power. He also does not have any scientific equipment that can make him a hero but this did not stop him from helping others. With his own little way, he fought crime.

    Unfortunately, Hazama was caught by the police and discovered his identity. He then joined the police to fight crime and follow the right path of justice.

  10. Mob Psycho 100

    When Midoriya first got his quirk, he really had a hard time controlling it. Mob, Mob Psycho 100’s main character, had the same issue. He then did everything he can to control his power and decided to work as an assistant. Unfortunately, he gets into situations wherein he is threatened to release his power. Although the series is not 100% the same as My Hero Academia, fans will see the similarities between Midoriya and Mob.

  11. Gatchaman Crowds

    For those who like superhero series, Gatchaman Crowds is another good example to binge-watch. The anime talks about superheroes and their strong powers. Like the heroes from My Hero Academia, the characters from Gatchaman Crowds dedicate their lives to protect the citizens.

    The two series focus on the responsibilities of superheroes and what it really means to be one. Both showcase the determination and passion of the characters by doing what they love most: helping others.

  12. Soul Eater

    Soul Eater and My Hero Academia basically have the same school setting. Both do not just have normal schools but schools that train students to enhance and control their abilities. The two series have interesting fights but there are also comic sides to these.

    Another interesting fact is that both were developed by the same animation studio so fans can expect smooth animation from the two anime. The characters from Soul Eater and My Hero Academia are entertaining to watch with their personalities as well.

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