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Who Are the One for All Users in My Hero Academia?

For those who are new fans or viewers of My Hero Academia, One For All is the quirk of Izuku Midoriya. It was transferred to him by All Might, the previous no. 1 hero in Japan. One For All is a unique quirk that can be transferred to another person. The name came from its nature, which is being one quirk for all people. 

But fans must take note that the quirk does not just get passed on from one person to another. For it to be transferred, the next person or the recipient must ingest a sample of the current owner of the quirk. It can be a drop of blood or a strand of hair, like in Midoriya’s case. Speaking of Midoriya, he is the current and ninth user of the quirk. Who are the others? 

Who Are the One for All Users in My Hero Academia?

Who Are the One for All Users in My Hero Academia? 1
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The origin of One For All started with All For One. With his quirk that allows him to steal other people’s quirks then transfer them to other people, he decided to give a quirk to his younger brother named Yoichi. The quirk given to Yoichi allows him to stockpile power. What the brothers didn’t know is that Yoichi already has a quirk that allows him to pass or transfer a quirk to another person. 

The two quirks inside Yoichi merged and became One For All, making Yoichi Shigaraki the first One For All user. When Yoichi discovered his new quirk, he decided to put an end to All For One but failed because of the lack of strength. He then decided to pass it on to another person, in the hopes of cultivating the power and making it strong enough to defeat All For One. 

The next user is an unknown hero who freed Yoichi from prison, the one his own brother made. The third user after that is also unknown as of this writing. The fourth user is Hikage who did his best to cultivate the power to defeat All For One. After 18 years of training, his body started to deteriorate. This was when he discovered that the quirk can shorten his lifespan. 

The fifth user is Daigoro. All For One tried to steal the quirk from him but failed. Unfortunately, Daigoro was killed by All For One after he transferred the quirk to En, the sixth user of the quirk. Before he got the quirk, En was trapped under a pile of rubble. He was seriously injured. Daigoro extended his hand so En could consume his blood and acquire One For All. 

All For One once again attempted to steal the quirk but failed. En met Nana Shimura, who became the seventh user after consuming En’s hair. En decided to pass it to her after his intense fight against All For One. 

The last person who died at the hands of All For One is Nana. Before she died, she met Toshinori, or popularly known as All Might. She thought that his idea of being the symbol of peace was crazy since he was quirkless but she consulted Gran Torino regarding the matter then eventually took Toshinori as her student. He became her successor of One For All, making him the eighth user of the quirk. 

Toshinori did become the symbol of peace like he planned to. After his encounter with Midoriya, he decided that it’s time to pass the torch considering his body has grown weaker over the years. 

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