Why Is Bakugo Always Mad in My Hero Academia?

We have to agree that Katsuki Bakugo is one of the most interesting characters in My Hero Academia. He is known for being aggressive, short-tempered, and arrogant. His personality gives him the vibe that he can be a villain someday. But time and time again, Bakugo proved that he is a hero and no matter what happens, he will stay loyal to his beliefs.

His problematic character made fans overly curious as to why he is always mad. Not just rarely, but always. While there is no official explanation for his personality, fans have decided to share their own thoughts and opinions based on what they know so far in the series.

Why Is Bakugo Always Mad in My Hero Academia?

Why Is Bakugo Always Mad in My Hero Academia?
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Why Is Bakugo Always Mad in My Hero Academia?

Some believe that Bakugo became a complex character after his quirk manifested, which is around four years old. He was once an average boy but once his toxic personality came out, no one dared to reprimand him even if he was already bullying Midoriya. His arrogant personality grew from the compliments he received after manifesting a powerful quirk.

The compliments gave him a superiority complex and led him to believe that his self-worth will be based on what he thought is the best for him. He does everything he can to be considered the best so he doesn’t end up like Midoriya. When his expectations were too high, he was affected as well. Fans have seen this when he broke down during his fight against Uraraka and Midoriya during the Battle Trial Arc.

His ego blew after he arrived at UA. He realized that he is not the strongest hero at their age, and what really surprised him was Midoriya’s transformation from a quirkless boy to someone who has the same quirk as All Might. Seeing how Midoriya and the others grew, he started to feel weak. When all these emotions go together, he started to be pissed off and angry all the time.

This growing anger was not only directed to himself but to other people as well. His superiority complex made him aggressive and rude to other people because he believes that he needs to constantly validate his beliefs and keep his confidence high at all times. Although this might not be the official reason why Bakugo is mad all the time, a lot of fans believe that if his superiority complex is not the main reason, it could still be one of the many factors that drove him to have an unfriendly personality.

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