When Is the Great Flood Coming to Netflix?

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Kim Da Mi as An Na and Park Hae Soo as Hee Jo star in The Great Flood
Credit: Netflix

K-drama fans, here's some exciting news for you! Netflix is releasing a Korean disaster movie entitled, The Great Flood.

As of this writing, details about the movie are sparse except for the two main protagonists of the film: Kim Da Mi and Park Hae Soo. The two star as An Na (Kim Da Mi) and Hee Jo (Park Hae Soo) after a great flood covers the Earth.

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Here's everything we know about the film right now:


The Great Flood Release Date

Earlier this month, Netflix unveiled a number of new South Korean movies that they will be releasing to the platform in the future. The Great Flood is just one of the many projects they are working on.

Although the movie has been announced, it is officially still ongoing production. Production reportedly started sometime in the middle of May 2022. According to reports, the movie won't end filming until the middle of November 2022.

While little is known about The Great Flood, Netflix has revealed that this movie will be coming out sometime in 2023.


The Great Flood Story

Kim Da Mi Signs Exclusive Contract With United Artists Agency
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Kim Da Mi stars as An Na, an AI development researcher. Meanwhile, Hee Jo (Park Hae Soo) works as a human resource security team member tasked to save An Na from the flood. The question now is why Hee Jo is trying to rescue An Na and who is responsible for the flood.


All we know about the story of this movie right now is that the two will be looking for ways to survive in their apartment as water slowly rises in it. We expect the two to have other struggles along the way, probably with the other survivors.

Kim Byung Woo is the writer and director of this movie.

The Great Flood Cast

Park Hae Soo Reveals Shocking Move To Make Money Heist_ Korea Character Different from Original (2)
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Credit: Netflix

The only characters that have been confirmed to be part of The Great Flood cast are Kim Da Mi and Park Hae Soo. If you are wondering where you've seen these actors before, you've probably seen them in their other shows. Kim Da Mi was in Our Beloved Summer and Itaewon Class. Meanwhile, you may already be familiar with Park Hae Soo, who was in Squid Game as Cho Sang Woo or Player Number 218. He also stars in the Korean adaptation of Money Heist as Berlin.

  • Kim Da Mi (as An Na)
  • Park Hae Soo (as Hee Jo)

Where to Watch The Great Flood Trailer Online

At the moment, there is no trailer available for The Great Flood. The movie is still being filmed so we can't expect a trailer to be available until 2023.

Watch this space as we continue to update it when more information comes out.

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