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WandaVision is the first of many new Marvel TV shows releasing exclusively on Disney Plus. The series focuses on the Marvel Cinematic Universe characters of Wanda Maximoff and Vision. The series shares continuity within the MCU universe and is considered canon. Wandavision takes place after the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame, where we saw Tony snap his fingers and save the galaxy from Thanos forever. The series is produced by Marvel Studios.

The first trailer for the series has made people talking about its "genre-bending" premise. WandaVision is a good blend of classic television to the MCU, wherein two super-powered beings are living idealized sub-urban lives. The series is written by Jac Schaeffer and helmed by Matt Shakman. The series may introduce more premises series, including time-traveling.

WandaVision Wanda Maximoff and Vision standing side-by-side.
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WandaVision Release Date

WandaVision's release date is scheduled for January 15, 2021. It will consist of nine episodes with two episodes releasing back to back when it premieres at 3:00 AM US EST on Disney Plus in the United States. The series will end on March 5, 2021. Episodes are scheduled to release weekly. Following the ending of WandaVision, there will be a one week break followed up with the premiere of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on March 19, 2021.

WandaVision Cast

Elizabeth Olsen reprises her role as Wanda Maximoff also known as Scarlet Witch. Paul Bettany also returns for his role as Vision. Other cast members include Randall Park as Jimmy Woo, who is an FBI agent and played the parole officer on Ant-Man. Teyonah Parris plays Monica Rambeau, who is the daughter of the Air Force pilot Maria Rambeau. When she was a child, she looked up to Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel.

Another cast member joining WandaVision is Katt Dennings as Darcy Lewis who is a political science major, as well as an intern for Janer Foster while befriending Thor. Kathryn Hann plays the role of Agnes, Wanda's nosy neighbor.

WandaVision Plot

Wanda and Vision together
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The events within the series are set after the events that occurred during Endgame. Wanda and Vision are living the ideal suburban life in the Westview town, as they try to conceal their powers. As the two begin to enter new decades while encountering television tropes, the couple suspects that not everything around them is what they seem.

The series begins like any other project in the MCU. WandaVision's head writer Jac Schaeffer stated, "We find Wanda and Vision living a blissful suburban existence, trying to keep their powers under wraps." Their lives will unfold over various decades of television tropes, which will take fans into the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. However, what makes this peculiar is that there is something not quite right. Fans have seen Vision died in Avengers: Infinity War, which makes it puzzling why he is on the show.

The exact answer has not been fully provided, but the premise has somehow been teased from the trailers and footage Marvel has released. The sitcom scenario surrounding Wanda and Vision may be artificial as it can be Wanda's creation or perhaps, a distraction from an outside force.

The version of Vision in the series seems to be slowly reminded that he is gone as Agnes' (Hahn) meddlesome attitude seems to shed light on some of it. Agnes said, "I've always loved that gasp of human magic that they have. It's not like I had never done anything like this, but especially since becoming a mom, I have always been interested in those jolts of adrenaline and humanity." The supporting characters will also play key roles in the story but the series will more likely focus on Wanda as she grows more aware that her surroundings may not be the "reality" in which she is living in.

Wanda and Vision talking to each other
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Since this is a WandaVision series, those supporting characters have important parts and key roles to play in the story but the focus is centered on Wanda Maximoff. In the trailers, it is obvious how Wanda is slowly gaining awareness that what is happening around her may not be real.

There is likely a reason why she is having this experience. It might be something to do with making sure to keep her powers in check. Wanda even attacked Thanos in Endgame and frightened him enough to have him launch an entire arsenal from his ship just to save himself from Wanda's telekinetic grasp.

When Olsen was pitched to star in the series, she was promised that the story will not only explore her past but also her full capabilities and superpowers. Marvel head Kevin Feige mentioned some key comic book storylines, involving Scarlet Witch, but Olsen was told under strict instructions to not reveal any of it. Olsen is simply delighted that Wanda is getting the spotlight and no longer just serves as a supporting character for a larger superhero ensemble story.

WandaVision Trailer

The official trailer for the series was released last September 20, 2020, which was during the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards. The trailer received 55.7 million views within the first 24 hours. The views came from YouTube with 36.1 million, Facebook with 4.9 million, and Instagram with 10.1 million views, which is believed to be the highest number for a streaming service's television series trailer.

The views that the series got is comparable to the trailers released during the Super Bowl. WandaVision received over 302,600 social mentions, trended on Twitter, and trended on YouTube as well. In the early part of December 2020, there were six posters of the series that were released, each depicting certain decades from the 1950s through the 2000s. The release of the posters was followed by a trailer after Disney's Investor Day.

All the trailers for WandaVision have indicated that the series is set in an alternate reality. They are seemingly living in a sitcom or perhaps starring in it. It would be very interesting to see how Marvel can justify Vision's existence despite dying on Endgame. Although the series may make it look like an outlier, Bettany assured fans that the show is very much an MCU representation on its own merit.

Will WandaVision Be on DVD or Blu-Ray?

Many fans are excited about the upcoming release of WandaVision in January. Sadly, there are no plans for the show being released on DVD or Blu-Ray. To watch the show, fans will have to sign up and subscribe for a Disney+ account, since it would not likely come out on either DVD or Blu-Rays.

WandaVision Production

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Bettany stated that the production team has some ‘very clever things' done during the filming of the series. The series had to make six hours of content, on a budget that is similar to some two-and-a-half hours MCU films. The actor stated that the content from the different episodes was shot together, with ‘some pretty smart decision' which made shooting the early episodes have a lot of time and keep the same level of production value. Feige stated that as the series progresses through the sitcom decades, the series emulates the documentary-style style, talk-to-the-camera, and shaky-camera approach of some of the modern sitcoms.

Is WandaVision Canon?

The series is set after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Both Wanda and Vision were also in the main MCU which means they are canon. In terms of canonicity, it is safe to safe that WandaVision is canon. After all, Kevin Feige ensures that the series have continuity within the MCU.

Is WandaVision Part of the MCU?

Anything that is canon means that it is part of the MCU. Wanda and Vision were both included in the Avengers. They also played roles in Infinity War and Endgame. The two characters are part of the MCU, therefore, the Disney+ series isn't different. The series keeps its continuity within the universe. Wanda and Vision's fans do not have to worry about the two characters' part in the MCU as the two will always be part of the greater universe.

When Does WandaVision Take Place in the MCU Timeline?

Fans may be asking why is the show set in different decades as portrayed by the television tropes in the trailers and teasers. The timeline that WandaVision follows is presumably the period after the events that happened in Endgame. Wanda is left all alone following her brother's demise. Not only is Pietro aka Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) gone, Vision was also taken away from Wanda. The loss of her loved ones may have pushed Wanda to create her own perfect reality but it may not last for long.

How is Vision Alive?

One of the major questions that fans have is, how is Vision still alive? He was killed at the end of Infinity War after Thanos removed the Mind Stone from his body. With the help of the Mind Stone, Vision became a computer program with a fully conscious artificial intelligence with the help of Tony Stark on Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015).

As of now, there are no definite answers on how Vision is alive in the series. One theory hinges on the fact that Vision is a computer program and he may have been revived through it as well by downloading his consciousness and removing his connection to the Mind Stone.

Characters like Mephisto who is rumored to appear in the Loki series have the ability to alter time and manipulate memories. If he plays a part in Vision's revival, WandaVision can be his introduction to the MCU, although this is not a confirmed theory. It can be also possible that Wanda simply created an illusion.

How Many Episodes Will WandaVision Have?

It was previously reported that the series will have six episodes, with each of the episodes running for one hour. Another news referred to the leaked from the official Disney Latino page where the website said that the series which started on January 15 will end on March 5, 2021, which would mean the series has eight episodes. However, confirmed reports revealed that the series will release two episodes on the premiere, which confirmed that WandaVision will have nine episodes. Upon the release last January 15, the series did have two back-to-back episodes.

Is WandaVision Going to be Weekly?

Some fans were asking whether WandaVision will be released weekly with new episodes each week, or it will have the same format as Netflix where all episodes are dropped all at once. Much like The Mandalorian, Disney chose to release the series in a weekly format, which means fans will be on the lookout for new episodes per week.

WandaVision is the first series to kick off the MCU spin-off on Disney+. It is one of the original shows that the studio is planning to release during the first two quarters of 2021. Other MCU series that will be coming are Loki starring Tom Hiddleston as the titular character, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier with Anthony Mackey and Sebastian Stan playing the aforementioned roles respectively, Hawkeye with Jeremy Renner, the anthology series What If?, She-Hulk and Moonknight.

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