WandaVision Funko Pop Leak Seemingly DEBUNKS Evan Peters MCU Quicksilver Rumors

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Warning: Major SPOILERS ahead! Read at your own risk.

Marvel fans were stunned over the weekend when a leaked clip from WandaVision's Halloween episode surfaced online and it provided fans with major spoilers surrounding Evan Peters' true involvement in the hit Marvel Cinematic Universe spinoff show.

We reported about the said leak earlier this week and after seeing the jaw-dropping clip, we assumed right off the bat that Evans will indeed be reprising his role as Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver. Now, in a shocking new development, it turns out that the former X-Men star may not be playing Wanda's twin brother after all.

A new Funko Pop! leak is making the rounds all over social media and boy, it contains too many spoilers. The said Funko will be a two-pack of Wanda and Vision's twin children Billy and Tommy aka Wiccan and Speed.

One fan spotted the figures at a local toy store and apparently, they're already available in some areas. The said two-pack will be a Spring Convention 2021 exclusive. However, the most interesting bit about it is that Speed looks exactly like how Evan Peters looked in the aforementioned WandaVision leaks. Judging by the look of the figures (which seem legit, by the way), it's already safe to assume that Peters will be playing an older version of Speed. Check out the figures here:

I gotta admit, I spoke too soon after seeing the now-controversial leaks but what totally intrigues me is the fact that Wiccan appears on the upcoming episode as a child while Speed is a grown-up version of himself. What's up with that? That's quite confusing but that's the beauty of WandaVision, it leaves you guessing. I'm already hyped to see that specific episode.

New episodes of WandaVision air every Friday on Disney+.

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