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WandaVision: Leaked Video Confirms Major Rumor Surrounding Evan Peters

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Warning: this article contains MAJOR SPOILERS about WandaVision so read at your own risk.

It seems like the folks over at Marvel Studios are done playing games with fans as WandaVision's fourth episode pretty much proved that the show will be taking a more serious approach in terms of storytelling. Last week's episode was a far cry from the vibrant and colorful sitcom treatment we've seen since the series began.

Now, ahead of Episode 5's premiere this Friday, the entire Marvel fandom was shaken to its very core after a series of video leaks surfaced online featuring clips from a future episode and I'm telling you right now, it's a major one.

Quicksilver in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.
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Credit: 20th Century Fox

Fans have been speculating for months now as to what role Evan Peters will play in the hit MCU spinoff show. A lot of people are convinced that he'll either end up becoming the villain Mephisto or become retconned as the franchise's Quicksilver, a role he played in the Foxverse.

After seeing the video leaks, we can confirm that Evan will indeed be reprising his role as Pietro but there's a little twist, he seems to be "playing" a fake version of the character in Wanda's pocket sitcom reality.

The said video leaks have been taken down over the weekend and according to several reports, Marvel Studios is looking to take legal action against the person responsible for spreading the videos that are allegedly taken from Episode 6. Upon further research, we found out that some of the leaked clips are still up and running on Reddit. Check out the spoiler-filled clips here.

It'll be interesting to see if Peters will stick around in the MCU after his involvement in WandaVision but I guess we'll just have to see everything go down. One thing's for sure though, the show will be firing on all cylinders in the upcoming episodes and we can expect things to be a little less goofy as Wanda's secrets finally unfold.

WandaVision premieres brand new episodes every Friday on Disney+.

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