Tom Hardy Teases Venom 3 as the 'Last Dance'

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The first two Venom films were a huge success that it was obvious at that point that there's going to be a third film which Sony made official a few months ago. There are fans who are wondering whether the Venom films are going to be a trilogy or it will go beyond after that. Now, it looks like we have the answer from the actor behind the symbiote himself.

Tom Hardy recently posted on Instagram a screenshot of the cover page of the Venom 3 script revealing that the writing process for the film has begun with him getting a story credit alongside Kelly Marcel, who is writing the screenplay and returning from the first two films. You can check the post below:


However, soon after that, the Oscar-nominated actor posted the same screenshot on his Instagram story although, this time around, he added a "Last Dance" sticker which seemingly hints that the Venom film series is going to be a trilogy. You can check it below:

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As of now, Sony has not made any confirmation that Venom 3 is going to be the last one although Hardy only signed on for three films so there is a chance that it might be true and this post is him hinting at the public that it is going to be the last once hence the "Last Dance" sticker. We might hear an official confirmation regarding it soon whether Hardy is indeed right on his post.


The Sony's Spider-Man Universe franchise is continuously expanding with upcoming films such as Kraven the Hunter, Madame Web, and El Muerto alongside the Silk TV series, which is still in the works according to a recent update. They are also developing more projects that are unannounced as of this moment.

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There is no release window set yet for Venom 3.