Spider-Man: Silk Spinoff Series Receives Encouraging Update

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A few years ago, we learned that Sony is working on a TV series centering on the character Silk from the Marvel comics. However, since then, we haven't heard any updates regarding the development of the project and fans are wondering if the series is still happening. Now, we finally have the latest update and it looks like it is still in the works as of this moment.

Speaking with Deadline's Crew Call podcast, producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who are also behind Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and the sequels, were asked about the updates on the Silk series to which they confirmed that it is still in the works.

"We're developing all that stuff with great care and there's a really exciting start for Silk. It's coming along. There'll be news someday soon," Lord said.

Miller also added during the interview that the series is confirmed to be in "live-action." When he was asked if they have started the casting process yet for the project, his response was "negative."

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It is great to hear that the series is still happening since we haven't heard any updates regarding its development ever since the project was announced. However, it looks like it might take more time before we see it come into fruition since it is still in the early development process.

Just like in the other Spider-Man films, Amy Pascal will be involved as a producer of the project. Lauren Moon is also developing the series and will serve as showrunner alongside Tom Spezialy. It is also reportedly set at Amazon, which is likely to be its network.

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Sony is currently working on films such as Kraven the Hunter, Madame Web, and El Muerto as part of their upcoming Spider-Man Universe slate. Their most recent film is Morbius (you can check where to watch it online here).