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Bad Bunny to Play El Muerto in Sony's Spider-Man Universe Film

With the success of the first two Venom films, Sony’s Spider-Man Universe continues to evolve with projects in their upcoming slate that are set to be released such as Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web.

Now, it looks like another character from the Spider-Man comics library is set to be introduced in the franchise soon.

According to Deadline, Bad Bunny is set to play El Muerto in a feature film based on the Marvel character as part of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe franchise. There is no known director or writer attached at the moment, but the film is already scheduled to be released on January 12, 2024.

The project was announced during Sony’s presentation at the CinemaCon event where the Grammy-winning artist made a surprise appearance.

In case you’re not familiar with the character, El Muerto is a highly-skilled wrestler whose mask grants him superhuman strength and endurance. He made his appearances in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man issues no. 6 and 7 which were published in 2006 where he fought Spider-Man first before they became an ally and team up to fight El Dorado. However, the character hasn’t made other appearances in the comics since then.

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El Muerto will be the first Marvel film that will star a Latino superhero. While the character is not as popular as the other ones in the franchise, the project came together when Sony wanted to work with Bad Bunny again in another high-profile film. After a series of meetings, the rapper started looking for characters in the Spider-Man comics and came across the character which he ended up pitching. The studio loved the idea and decided to fast-track the project given Bad Bunny’s busy schedule.

Bad Bunny is set to make his high-profile feature debut in the upcoming film Bullet Train which stars Brad Pitt. He also made a cameo appearance in last year’s F9 and had a recurring role in the third season of Narcos: Mexico. However, he is mostly known as an award-winning and platinum-selling recording artist who is known for the hit singles such as “Yonaguni,” “Dakiti,” “Un Día (One Day),” “I Like It,” and many more. He is also the most-streamed artist on Spotify in the last two years.

While it might be a strange decision for Sony to make a movie around El Muerto given how the general public is unfamiliar with the character, having Bad Bunny attached to the project might garner a lot of interest in the film, especially with the Latin community where he has a huge following.

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It’s hard to tell if he is the right actor to play the role since we haven’t seen Bullet Train, but it looks like Sony is very confident that they are willing to give him a starring role in one of their franchise films.

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