The Ending of Loki Episode 4 Explained

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Credit: Marvel Studios

What just happened, right? Loki Episode 4, The Nexus Event, just left us all hanging with an ending so shocking, we'd all wish it is next week's Wednesday already! If you haven't watched it yet, you better start now as what just happened is a whole spectacle of events put into one run. Also, don't even think of shutting your device off once the first credits roll as they have the perfect cherry on top just after that.

Warning! This portion may contain spoilers for Loki. Read at your own risk!

Loki Episode 4 ended with a bang and it left everyone's jaw drop from the moment it started with Sylvie's backstory and how the Time Variance Authority got her, Sylvie and Loki waiting out Lamentis' end to them causing a nexus event which resulted in a spike in the sacred timeline to being captured once more by the TVA, Sif's return, Mobius getting pruned, the Time-Keepers being mindless androids, and finally, seeing Loki pour his heart out to another version of himself only to be pruned.

Then it all cuts into one episode but just before the final curtain closes, in the post-credits scene, we see Loki in what seems to be an apocalyptic event, waking up asking whether he is in Hel or if he is still alive, then four other Loki variants arrived inviting him to safety. It's such a packed episode to end with such a cliffhanger.


The Ending of Loki Episode 4 Explained

The Ending of Loki Episode 4 Explained 1
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Having Loki pruned right before everyone's eyes, especially in front of Sylvie as he was about to do some sort of confession on her, the shock is so intense, it boils down to our cores! Angered by what happened, Sylvie takes on Ravonna Renslayer to get her interrogated about everything she knows about the Time Variance Authority, and that would definitely include some grilling after finding out that the Time-Keepers are all mindless androids.

This puts everyone to the speculation that Loki is finally confessing to Sylvie as it seems that falling in love is something new to him. It also looks like an allegory of Loki finally loving and accepting himself but this time, it is another version of him, and as stated by Mobius, who got pruned as well, by the way, such an event breaks the very fabric of reality so to speak.

After learning that the Time-Keepers are just mindless androids, of course, Sylvie would shake everything Renslayer has kept behind closed doors for years. Maybe the popular theory of her being a pawn of Kang might turn out to be true. As for Loki, we jump to the conclusion for a second that he might've actually died this time, but no, as he said earlier in the episode, Lokis do not die, they survive.

Four new variants of Loki arrive to save the OG Loki and they are in what seems to be an apocalyptic event basing on the background. It'll definitely make you think why there are so many versions of Loki who are variants of the TVA. Earlier in the series, we saw various variants of Loki and now, four of them have been introduced. Who could they be and what did they do to become variants?

Let us all find out in the next episode of Loki and Episode 4 is now up on Disney+.

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