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Loki Episode 4: Is There A Post-Credits Scene?

Credit: Marvel Studios

As the Loki enters the second half, the canon series raises its game with another run full of surprises and revelations, not just any small ones, as those are definitely unexpected, blowing the minds of all fans and viewers watching the show. Following the Marvel formula and basing on the previous series released, is there a post-credits scene in Episode 4?

Warning! This portion may contain spoilers for Loki. Read at your own risk!

Loki Episode 4: Is There A Post-Credits Scene?

Loki Episode 4: Is There A Post-Credits Scene?
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Yes, there is one so make sure you don't turn off your screens after the first credits roll. There is a mid-credits scene in LokiEpisode 4 titled "The Nexus Event" and it just gave everyone some mind-blowing information about what happens after a person gets "pruned" by the Time Variance Authority.

By the end of the episode, everyone was shocked to see Loki getting pruned by Ravonna Renslayer while in the middle of something like a confession to Sylvie. Much to the surprise of all, the post-credits scene reveals Loki waking up in some deserted place as he questions whether he is in Hel or already dead. He hears a voice saying "not yet" but he would be unless he would come with them.

This is where it gets really interesting: four other Loki variants are there to save Loki from death once more. We see Richard Grant's Classic Loki, then there is Deobia Oparei's Boastful Loki who carries a hammer similar to that of Thor's, and Jack Veal's Kid Loki who is carrying what seems to be another Loki variant trapped in the body of a crocodile, possibly from some mishap in shapeshifting.

This gives an overview of what happens to all the people who got pruned by the TVA. They do not just vanish from existence but they are teleported to some abandoned or deserted world, much like an apocalyptic event itself, where they would face a certain death of whatever possible reason there is.

Earlier in the episode, Mobius finally learned the truth from Loki that all of the TVA agents are variants as well, so, he made the ultimate sacrifice of being pruned as Renslayer found out he swapped their TemPads. A little reunion between friends, maybe? Hopefully, they could find Mobius in time, though. He and Loki could make a great team and with a lot of different Lokis, should they be called the Lokivengers?

Loki Episode 4 is currently on Disney+.

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