Loki Episode 4 Recap: The Nexus Event That Changed Everything

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It's Wednesday once again which means it's time to dig into a new episode of Loki. As expected, Episode 4 didn't disappoint as it answered several questions about the series. However, viewers are also left with more questions to ask. For instance, what was the Nexus Event that changed everything?

WARNING: The following contains SPOILERS from Loki Episode 4 so PROCEED WITH CAUTION!

In Loki Episode 4, we are brought back to Asgard where a young Sylvie is playing with her toys before being captured by the TVA. She manages to escape by stealing Renslayer's TemPad and ends up living the rest of her life hiding in apocalyptic events.

On Lamentis, Loki and Sylvie bond as they face death, and what looks like a budding romance causes a "Nexus event" that has never been seen by the TVA before. With their location revealed, Mobius quickly rescues the two and brings them back to TVA where Loki tells him the truth about Mobius and other TVA agents being a Variant.

This leads to Mobius and Hunter B-15 seeking the truth about themselves and Mobius freeing Loki. Unfortunately, Renslayer finds them and prunes Mobius before taking Loki and Sylvie to the Time-Keepers.

Loki watches in despair as Mobius is pruned
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Amazingly, Hunter B-15 intervenes, allowing Loki and Sylvie to fight back. The minutemen are pruned, Renslayer is rendered unconscious and Sylvie attacks one of the Time-Keepers. Shockingly, it is revealed that the Time-Keepers are actually androids which could confirm that someone else is in charge of the TVA.


While Loki and Sylvie are distracted by their new discovery, Renslayer regains consciousness and prunes Loki. An enraged Sylvie then demands to know the truth about TVA.

Interestingly, Loki Episode 4 didn't end like that. The mid-credits scene shows Loki waking up in a strange new place where he is surrounded by more Loki Variants!

We're loving Loki Episode 4 for its strange revelations and action-packed sequences. Perhaps the best thing here is knowing that you don't really die when you're pruned so this means Mobius is still alive somewhere.

Loki Episode 4 is now streaming on Disney+.

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