Star Wars: Andor Showrunner Teases New Details About Season 2

We're still waiting for the first season of Andor but it looks like there are already huge plans for Season 2 of the Star Wars series. Showrunner Tony Gilroy hasn't revealed much about the first 12 episodes and yet he has a lot to say about the Disney+ show's second season!

It has already been confirmed that Andor is getting a second season as the series has been renewed even before the full trailer for Season 1 was dropped. Interestingly, Season 2 has reportedly begun production this Summer and is set to be completed very soon. In addition to that, Tony Gilroy has told Total Film that the next season will serve as "the second half of the novel", consisting of 12 episodes, but covering a longer time span.

"We have four blocks of three [episodes] coming up [for season 2]," Gilroy said. "And each block will move you one year closer to Rogue One. And because it's a year [each time], we can do something really fascinating narratively that you would never have the chance to do in a film. It's exciting."

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Not surprisingly, lead star Diego Luna is also hyped up for Andor Season 2. "It's a beautiful moment," Luna said. "We're getting ready. Things are being written and questioned, going back and forth... it's beautiful to live that process from beginning to end, you know?"

We're loving the idea that the events in Andor Season 2 will be happening closer to Rogue One. After all, this would mean that we will finally see K-2SO, who is not going to appear in the first season. Needless to say, we can't wait to see all episodes of the Star Wars show soon.

Andor is getting a three-episode premiere on Disney+ on September 21, 2022.

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