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Spy x Family: Why Does Anya Have Horns?

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Spy x Family Why Does Anya Have Horns Anya Forger
Credit: Wit Studio / CloverWorks

From Anya's meme face to her iconic lines in the series, Anya always steals the spotlight from Loid and Yor. But, why does Anya have horns in Spy x Family?

The characters in Spy x Family have distinct designs. They have their own signature style, which makes us wonder what the inspirations were for Tatsuya Endo in the manga.

Even the designer chairs drawn on the covers of the manga series are so stylish that we can't help but dig a little deeper behind them.

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The Era of the Adorable Anya Forger

The Era of the Adorable Anya Forger
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Credit: Wit Studio / CloverWorks

Anya Forger is the easiest character to recognize in Spy x Family. Not only does her personality shine, but her character designs also leave a lasting impression.

She is beloved by the anime community for so many reasons, including her charming personality, astute remarks, thought patterns, love for peanuts, and her relationship with her adoptive parents.

She is the complete package for any anime fan to root for or cheers on.

Whenever Anya is happy, the anime community is happy. And whenever she's down or crying, we're also affected.

She is so impactful, she can send the anime community into a frenzy with her dialogues, not to mention her meme-able facial expressions!

Anya's popularity also encouraged a lot of cosplayers to channel their inner Anya Forger. Some do Tiktok videos as well, creating their own version of Anya Forger.

What's more, hundreds and thousands of Spy x Family fanfictions about Anya have also been published online.

In case you missed it, Anya is the adopted telepathic daughter of undercover spy Loid Forger and undercover assassin Yor Forger.

For the benefit of everyone, they are Loid Forger's pretend family. Loid uses Anya to get close to his target, Yor uses her fake marriage to adapt to society, and Anya wants to stay in a decent family.

Will the Forgers find out about each other’s secrets now that their dog, Bond, has joined the family?

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Why Does Anya Have Horns in Spy x Family?

Why Does Anya Have Horns in Spy x Family Anya Forger
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Credit: Wit Studio / CloverWorks

To begin with, Anya does not have horns per se in Spy x Family. While many people mistake them for horns, they are simply Anya's hair accessories that help her stand out in the series.

In fact, Anya doesn't wear them in Chapter 36 of the Spy x Family manga.

What's more surprising is that during her bonding time with Becky Blackbell, Anya gets to try on various hair accessories.

Anya gets to wear silly outfits and hair accessories in the same chapter, ranging from futuristic to academic getups.

Besides, Anya had not previously worn those horn-like accessories. Her hair was instead tied into small buns on each side of her head.

Anya's hairstyle is a direct reference to Tatsuya Endo's original character, Ashe Talton, from his one-shot manga Rengoku no Ashe, or Ashe of Purgatory.

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What Does Anya Wear on Her Head?

What Does Anya Wear on Her Head Anya Forger
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Credit: Wit Studio / CloverWorks

In Spy x Family, Anya wears horn-like hair accessories, as previously stated.

In some cases, people call them hair cones. Also, Anya's hair accessories are sometimes used as a symbol for characters who have telepathy.

After all, Saiki Kusuo from The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. has the same accessories, except it looks more like an antenna.

In any case, Anya's hair accessories are simply an extension of her style, and they have nothing to do with her abilities.

While some people believe Anya's horn-like accessories have an effect on her telepathy, they are simply there to make her more appealing and adorable to readers and viewers.


Gintama's Kagura also wears similar hair accessories. However, their designs are quite different because Kagura covers her hair buns with Chinese-style hair accessories.

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