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Could There Be a Spy x Family Movie? Rumors and Predictions

Could There Be a Spy x Family Movie Rumors and Predictions Yor Forger

Spy x Family’s first season was confirmed to have 25 episodes released in a split cour season. The first part had 12 episodes while the second part will have 13 episodes. Now, fans of the spy anime are curious to know if there is a potential sequel after Part 2. If so, will it be a Spy x Family movie?

The action comedy series centers on a spy codenamed Twilight who was tasked to build a family as part of his mission to keep the peace between two countries.

He did not realize that the girl he adopted is a telepath and that the woman who agreed to marry him is a skilled assassin.

Will There Be a Spy x Family Movie?

It has been announced during Jump Festa 2023 that Spy x Family will get a second season and a movie in 2023. Manga creator Tatsuya Endo confirmed that the movie will be an original work, which means it will not be based on the ongoing manga. All the characters involved will also receive new designs.

The official Spy x Family Twitter account released a teaser visual to give fans a look at what to expect from the movie:

Spy x Family is one of the most popular series as the anime is well-received by critics and anime lovers alike.

Both the manga and the anime received nominations and awards from 2019 up to this date.

The most recent awards the series won are the French Babelio Readers’ Awards for Best Manga Series, the Japan Expo Awards for Daruma d’or, and Geeks d’OURO for Best Translated Manga.

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What to Expect After Spy x Family Part 2

Spy x Family Part 1 covered five arcs with 12 episodes, while Part 2 covered four to five arcs with 13 episodes. Therefore, we can expect that there are three or more remaining arcs left for the upcoming sequel.

But of course, this would still depend on what the studio thinks is best for the well-loved anime.

On the other hand, the movie will be an original work so it will not adapt any chapters from the manga.

What to Expect After Spy x Family Part 2 Loid
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As mentioned, the Spy x Family manga is still ongoing, so even if the current content available is not enough for a continuation, fans can simply wait for new manga chapters to come out.

They can also read the manga to follow the story of the Forger family on the official websites of Manga Plus and Viz.

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