Five Reasons Why Yor is Best Waifu in Spy x Family (So Far!)

Yor Forger is Best Waifu in Spy x Family
Credit: Wit Studio / Cloverworks

Yor Forger is Best Waifu in Spy x Family
Credit: Wit Studio / Cloverworks

Yor Forger made an explosive debut in Episode 2 of Spy x Family. As a result, the internet has spoken, and Yor Forger has already been voted the finest anime waifu of the Spring anime season by the community. Scratch that, most certainly best girl this year! With that in mind, here are five reasons why Yor is the best waifu in Spy x Family!

It's a good thing Yor doesn't have the typical anime mother's death hairstyle. Please don't be offended, Ed and Alphonse Elric, I'm just kidding! Yor Forger, the female lead of Spy x Family, marries Loid Forger as part of the latter's mission, Operation Strix. Yor Forger's code name is Thorn Princess, whereas Loid Forger is Twilight. She works as an average clerk at Berlint City Hall while also being an assassin covertly.

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  1. Yor Forger's Visual Appeal

    With her remarkable visual appeal and ladylike manner, Yor Forger is really a goddess. She not only stands tall and proud at 5'5, but she also has a beautiful fair complexion, an elegant face, and a slender shape to die for!

    Yor Forger stands out from the crowd without trying too hard, despite not having to dress and beautify herself like her coworkers in Berlint City Hall. Despite the fact that she is already 27, Yor Forger does not appear to be her age!

    Apart from Yor Forger being the finest mom of the season, it appears that Marin Kitagawa of My Dress-Up Darling has a strong challenger for this year's best girl! With that said, Yor Forger's visual appearance gets a ten out of ten ratings!

  2. Yor Forger's Personality

    Yor Forger is a beautiful woman with an elegant demeanor in Spy x Family. She is a soft-spoken woman who has no intention of demeaning anyone, despite the fact that she is frequently chastised.

    Except when it comes to cosmetics and clothes, she is quite ladylike. She is an ordinary woman who dresses in a simplistic manner. Apart from that, she is the type of person that is unconcerned with anything that does not affect her, which is one of her best qualities.

    Furthermore, when it comes to Loid Forger, she is a really honest person. In reality, it was her who proposed marriage to Loid in the middle of an explosive onslaught! That was fantastically animated, and I'm delighted they did it!

  3. Yor Forger’s Chemistry with Loid Forger

    We've all learned that Loid Forger is a very intimidating person who often has an empathetic expression on his face. However, when Yor Forger enters the scene, her interaction with Loid overwhelms the cold spy, which is one of Spy x Family's greatest strengths.

    Yor Forger's appearance in Spy x Family Episode 2 provided us with some of the best Loid Forger faces in only two episodes of the anime! They have natural chemistry with each other, with just the right amount of build-up, tension, and interaction! You simply cannot get enough of them!

    In fact, fans are already rallying behind the Loid x Yor pairing in Spy x Family right now. They will undoubtedly go down on everyone's list of the greatest anime couples of all time!

  4. Yor Forger’s Duality

    Find a woman who can do both! Yor Forger is the perfect waifu who can do both. Yor Forger's duality manages to capture the hearts of the anime community in just one episode.

    Everything falls into place for her, from her ordinary job as a city hall clerk to her commission as an undercover assassin! She'll be standing there gracefully one minute, and the next she'll be kicking food trays and balancing them with her legs and feet. A friendly reminder not to surprise Yor: she can kick you in the air!

  5. Yor Forger’s Supremacy

    No one can deny Yor Forger's supremacy! In fact, Yor Forger trended on Twitter in just one episode, and many social networking sites featured scenes from Yor's anime sequences. We can't blame them because she was written and illustrated to be worshipped by the anime community just like that!

    At the time of writing, Yor Forger is seated at a high table with only the best girls such as Marin Kitagawa, Shinomiya Kaguya, Raphtalia, and Yumeko Jabami (Please understand that I only mentioned a few of the best anime girls) In any case, Yor Forger's supremacy is undeniable, as her popularity soars as Spy x Family episodes stream in Crunchyroll!

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