Spy x Family Stage Musical Reveals Adorable Anya Actresses

spy x family stage musical anya

spy x family stage musical anya

After its announcement a few months ago, Musical Spy x Family has finally revealed the four adorable actresses that will play Anya Forger in the upcoming play. Their reveal comes following the announcement of the rest of the main cast.

Info about the four Anya actresses and the reveal of their in-costume looks were revealed recently at the FNS Music Festival Show in Japan.

Musical Spy x Family

spy x family stage play anya
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Stage plays based on hit anime are a common thing in Japan, with popular series such as Fullmetal Alchemist, Attack on Titan, and more getting stage adaptations of their own.

Unlike a more serious stage play that you’ll see on Broadway or the West End, anime-based productions typically feature unique technologies aimed at enhancing immersion.

While not all of them are musicals, many stage productions are turned into musicals. Such is the case with this upcoming Spy x Family stage play.

The production was initially revealed back in May, though at the time, only the performance dates have been announced.

It has also been confirmed that the play will premiere in Tokyo and be toured in other cities across Japan.

In the next couple of months, the stage play announced its cast, which includes Win Morisaki and Hiroki Suzuki as Loid Forger; Fūka Yuzuki and Mirei Sasaki as Yor Forger; Kurumu Okamiya and Tsubasa Takizawa as Yuri Briar; and more.

As with many stage productions, the main characters are played by different actors depending on the performance’s schedule. But for Anya, four actresses have been cast.

Stage Play Anya Actresses

spy x family anya
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Playing Anya Forger in the musical are Risa Masuda, Aoi Ikemura, Miharu Izawa, and Miharu Fukuchi.

All four actresses were cast following an open audition that accepted entrants from June to November 2022.

Aside from giving a first look at the actresses in full Anya costumes, the musical also shared a behind-the-scenes look at the workshop lessons ahead of the show’s production, which you may check out here:

Wondering why there are four actresses for Anya? While principal roles typically have two actors in stage plays, the fact that Anya is a child means there should be lots of actresses because kids can only work for a limited number of hours.

Musical Spy x Family will run from March 8 to 9, 2023, at the Imperial Theatre in Tokyo.

Its initial run will be followed by performances in other cities, including Nishinomiya, Fukuoka, and more.

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Source: Musical Spy x Family's official website and Twitter account

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