Spy x Family: Who is Yuri Briar and What is His Connection to Twilight?

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Spy x Family has already introduced the Forgers who all have their own personal reasons for coming together to form a family. However, we could soon meet some new characters who are somehow connected to Loid, Yor, and Anya Forger. For instance, we just got a glimpse of Yor Forger's younger brother Yuri Briar in the anime's closing sequence. But who is Yuri and how is he somehow connected to the Thorn Princess and Twilight?

Spy x Family: Who is Yuri Briar?

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Yuri Briar is the younger brother of Yor Forger (née Briar) who she raised at an early age. He is currently 20 years old and working as an official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Yuri is very close to his sister to the point of being viewed as having a sister complex.

Spy x Family: What is Yuri Briar's Job?

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Although he works at the Ministry, Yuri is actually a lieutenant of the State Security Service where he hunts down rebellious, terrorist, and overseas intelligence groups. However, his main mission is to take down the master spy "Twilight" who is actually Loid Forger.

Spy x Family: Does Yuri Know Loid Forger is Twilight?

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In the manga, Yuri makes it clear that he dislikes Loid. However, it has nothing to do with Loid being Twilight. Instead, Yuri simply despises his brother-in-law because he feels that Loid doesn't deserve Yor. Yuri is completely unaware that the master spy he is looking for is actually married to his sister.

Likewise, Yuri doesn't know that Yor is the Thorn Princess. Despite being very good at tracking down spies, Yuri has no idea that his sister is an assassin and that her husband is the spy he is working hard to capture.


For now, Yuri Briar has not yet appeared in the anime except for the phone call to Yor in Spy x Family Episode 2. He is expected to eventually show up in later episodes.

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