Princess Diana Shock: Prince Harry’s Mom Reportedly Hysterical After Seeing Cartoon Images Of Prince Charles Post-‘Embarrassing’ Camillagate Scandal, Royal Expert Claims

Credit: The Royal Family Channel/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Royal Family Channel/YouTube Screenshot

Princess Diana was heartbroken when she found out that Prince Charles was having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. To make things worse, the Princess of Wales reportedly tried her best to make her marriage work but to no avail. Royal experts revealed that Prince Charles was always torn between the two women, but his heart always belonged to the Duchess of Cornwall.

In 1989, things took a turn after Prince Charles and Camilla’s affair was busted by the palace. Someone from inside the home tapped into the royal’s phone and recorded his six-minute conversation with Camilla, who was still married to Andrew Parker Bowles at the time. Of course, it’s common knowledge that Prince Charles and Princess Diana were also married when the flirty conversation took place.

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Cartoonists Created Animated Images Of Prince Charles Post-Camillagate Scandal That Made Princess Diana Laugh

A transcript of their 6-minute conversation was published by Mirror UK. And after the scandal broke out, several cartoonists created animated images of Prince Charles talking dirtily to his plants. After all, he reportedly made some lewd remarks to Camilla and vice versa.

In the book Guarding Diana: Protecting The Princess Around the World, former royal protection officer Ken Wharfe said that the reaction to the Camillagate scandal was savage.

“The backlash was savage. Establishment figures normally loyal to future King and country were appalled, and some questioned the Prince's suitability to rule. Cartoonists lampooned him in the press. One cartoon, featuring him talking dirty to his plants, particularly amused [Princess Diana], who collapsed into fits of giggles on seeing it,” he said (via Express).

The conversation between Prince Charles and Camilla was also dubbed Tampongate because both royals mentioned Tampax on multiple occasions.

According to reports, the recording caused the divorce between Camilla and Andrew, who was very humiliated by the leak.

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Princess Diana Felt ‘Sick’ After Hearing About Prince Charles And Camilla Parke Bowles’ Flirty Conversation

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Princess Diana also branded the conversation between the lovers as sick after hearing it on Jan. 17, 1993. At the time, Prince Charles and Princess Diana were already separated. And it’s unclear if the Princess of Wales found out about the incident even before it was leaked.

“Game, set and match,' she said, clutching to her a copy of the Daily Mirror containing a transcript of the 'Camillagate' tape as we talked in her sitting room at Kensington Palace. Later, however, she told me that she had been genuinely shocked by some of the baser comments, particularly the Prince's tampon reference. 'It's just sick,' she said repeatedly,” Wharfe said (via IBTimes).

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What Did Prince Charles And Camilla Parker Bowles Say To Each Other?

Prince Charles and Camilla professed their love for each other during their six-minute-long conversation. The Duchess of Cornwall told the heir to the throne that he’s awfully good at feeling his own way. And Prince Charles replied by saying that he wanted to feel Camilla.

Camilla also told Prince Charles that she needed him the entire week and all the time. To which he replied that he’d just live inside her trousers. The two broke out into laughter before Camilla teased Prince Charles about turning into a pair of knickers.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s separation lasted until 1996. By then, the Prince and Princess of Wales announced their divorce to the world. Sources revealed that the decision was made by Queen Elizabeth after hearing Princess Diana’s interview with Martin Bashir.

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