Prince William Taking His Revenge on Prince Harry? Kate Middleton's Husband Reportedly Involved in Sussex's Eviction From Frogmore Cottage

Credit: Real Royalty/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Real Royalty/YouTube Screenshot

King Charles turned to Prince William about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's fate in Frogmore Cottage. The Prince of Wales reportedly approved of the Sussexes' eviction.

King Charles And Prince William Decided About Frogxit Together?

News about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex being evicted from their residence in London, Frogmore Cottage. King Charles reportedly made the decision after Prince Harry dropped his memoir, Spare, in January.

However, sources are claiming that His Majesty didn't come up with the decision alone. He reportedly asked for his eldest son's feedback, and the heir to the throne supported his decision.

A source, who is a friend of King Charles and Queen Camilla, told The Daily Beast:

"Charles is not making these decisions in isolation. He has the support of his son and heir and is working in partnership with him. They are a unit and are closer than ever."

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Sussexes' Frogxit Was Prince William Taking His Revenge On Prince Harry?

There are speculations that Prince William supporting his father's decision is all down to him wanting to take revenge on his younger sibling who had attacked the royal family in their Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan and his book.

Royal commentator Daniela Elser suggested that there might be a revenge factor suggesting that Prince William's involvement in the decision raises two questions, per Showbiz CheatSheet:

"How much of this decision was driven by a hard-nosed focus on ensuring the royal family operates as leanly as possible and how much was just good old-fashioned revenge?"

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Lady Victoria Hervey, who once dated Prince Andrew, also told GB News that Frogxit was down to Prince William and had nothing to do with finances.

Here's Hervey's opinion:

"I think it's sort of also quite obvious that this is Prince William … This has nothing to do with budgets."
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Prince William Furious With Prince Harry?

The Duke of Sussex made several serious allegations against this big brother. He claimed that the heir apparent physically attacked him, laughed at him during his first public speaking, urged him to wear the Nazi uniform for a costume party and more.

A source close to the royal sibling but no longer in contact with Prince Harry told The Daily Beast that Kate Middleton's husband felt betrayed.

The friend said:

"William won't shed a tear if Harry doesn't make it. He feels utterly betrayed by Harry. Relations have never been this bad, and he hates him for what he has done to the family in the books and interviews. He will support whatever decision his dad makes but it's no secret he would prefer it if he wasn't there, or, indeed, never stepped foot in England again."

Do you agree that Prince William is taking his revenge on Prince Harry by agreeing that they be evicted from Frogmore Cottage?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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