King Charles Shock: Prince William’s Father Found a Close Friend in His Wife, Kate Middleton; Prince Harry’s Sister-In-Law Knows His Majesty Well, Expert Claims

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King Charles and Kate Middleton are good friends. An expert claimed that the father-in-law and daughter-in-law have a slow burn friendship.

King Charles Solitary But Reportedly Found A Close Friend In Kate Middleton

Body language expert Judi James spoke about the friendship between Prince William's father and wife. According to her, Middleton is unlikely a top choice when it comes to King Charles' ally, but she made it into his inner circle.


"Charles has often seemed a rather solitary man who has preferred the company of more paternal, intellectual figures as confidants and friends in his life, like Lawrence Van De Post and Lord Mountbatten, but he does seem to have created a rather slow-burn friendship with and fondness for one other top-tier royal," James told Express.

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She noted that Middleton is not a likely choice because they do not share the same passion. Also, she has the potential to upstage His Majesty like the late Princess Diana. However, they had come past that.

"Kate Middleton might not have been an instant choice for Charles to gravitate towards. She has no apparent love of the kind of horse-related sports Charles adores, like polo. More dangerously, Kate could have provided the kind of risk that Charles seems to hate, which is the natural ability to upstage her father-in-law with her star quality."

Middleton reportedly makes her father look like he is the "most important royal when they appear in public together." She can also "flatter him with her attention but without looking nervous or subservient," the expert added.


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"She seems to have tapped into a shared sense of humor and she is clearly an adept peacemaker when it comes to family rifts. Kate's body language always looks calm and drama-free and she has also shown two specific ways that she tunes into Charles to provide deeper bonds."

James added that Middleton knew her father-in-law well, it was evident in their interaction when the King played with Prince Louis while she was carrying the tot. She didn't step back, instead, she leaned forward and encouraged her father-in-law and son to play.

The expert also believed that Prince William and Prince Harry's father share the same humor and he must have cherished her loyalty, considering his own son's disloyalty.


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King Charles Found An Ally In Daughter-In-Law Kate Middleton

James wasn't the only one who noticed the close bond between King Charles and Kate Middleton. Another source previously said the two royals shared a tight friendship.

His Majesty reportedly "feels lucky to have her," noting that the pair have a "close relationship."


"There's a great warmth between them and a mutual respect, and I know Charles feels very lucky to have Kate as part of the family," a source told OK! Magazine (via Marca).

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"The King absolutely recognizes and appreciates what she brings to the table. She is a huge asset and no one sees that better than the King. It's a period where there has been a lot of change and transition for the royal family and I think promoting that image of continuity and stability is going to be the focus this year."

What can you say about King Charles and Kate Middleton's friendship?


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