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Prince Philip Shock: Prince Andrew’s Dad Was Reportedly A Prankster Who Always Got Into Trouble With Queen Elizabeth Because Of His Mustard Trick

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Philip was one of the most reliable members of the royal family when he was still alive. In fact, he was Queen Elizabeth’s strongest support system for over seven decades. The Duke of Edinburgh might be stern when he’s out in public attending his royal engagements but what not a lot of royal fans know is that he’s a real prankster behind closed doors.

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Prince William Recalled One Of Prince Philip’s Most Hilarious Pranks

In the documentary Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers, certain members of the royal family detailed one of Prince Philip’s most hilarious pranks. Prince William detailed that one of his grandfather’s pranks did not sit well with Queen Elizabeth.

“Instead of like a mustard pot we'd have a mustard tube, a squeezy mustard tube. And then he’d squish your hands together to fire the mustard onto the ceiling. He used to get in a lot of trouble from my grandmother for covering most of the places we had lunch and things with mustard on the ceiling,” he said (via Express).

Princess Anne’s children, Peter Phillips and Princess Anne, also talked about the same hilarious prank Prince Philip used to do. The former said that he thinks the marks from squeezing the mustard in different places are still there.

“I can’t remember exactly what he says but he ends up slamming your hands together... It goes all over the ceiling,” Tindall added.

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Royal Fans Thought Prince Philip Pranked Queen Elizabeth In His Palace Guard Uniform

Years ago, the Duke of Edinburgh made headlines after his photo wearing the uniform of a palace guard surfaced. At the time, he was also photographed with the queen, who is smiling from ear to ear in the snap.

Multiple publications claimed that the monarch was smiling because she was surprised by her husband’s prank. But it was later revealed by photographer Chris Young that this wasn’t the case.

While speaking with BBC News, Young said that the queen was actually smiling in the photo due to a swarm of bees.

“I recognized that it was a human moment,” he said (via USA Today).

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Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s Adorable Photo Was Taken In 2003

The photo was taken in 2003, and during its release, the caption was clear that the queen was laughing because of a swarm of bees and not because of the uniform that her husband was wearing.

“Queen Elizabeth giggles as she and Prince Philip watch bees swarm around guests on the lawn of Windsor Castle, west of London, on Tuesday, just before the queen's Company Grenadier Guards ceremonial review. A beekeeper removed the swarm before the ceremony started,” the caption reads.

Prince Philip passed away last year, just a few weeks short of turning 100 years old. Months before his passing, there were already plans to honor him on his upcoming birthday. Even though he was no longer around to witness it, the tributes still pushed through where the dad of four was remembered by his loved ones.

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