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Prince Louis Shock: Prince William’s Son Reportedly Needs To Channel His Energy Into Sports To Avoid Starting Fights With Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Astrologer Claims

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Prince Louis is one of the youngest members of the royal family. But there’s no denying the fact that he left a huge impact on royal fans following his appearance at the queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Even though the reactions to Prince Louis’s behavior were varied, no one could deny how adorable he looked, bonding with his parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, and even his grandfather, Prince Charles.

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Prince Louis Is Reportedly A Natural Born Leader Just Like Queen Elizabeth

Prince Louis just turned 4 years old in May, which means that he’s a Taurus. And just recently, astrologer Jessica Adams spoke with Express to share her predictions when it comes to Prince William and Middleton’s youngest son.

The astrologer said that Prince Louis is a natural-born leader because he and his great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, share the same zodiac sign. However, there’s also no denying the fact that Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s youngest sibling could be a bit of a war freak because he has unlimited energy.

“It’s amazing how often Leo, the sign of monarchy and royalty, turns up in the astrological charts of the British royal family. Louis has the Moon in this sign and also the North Node,” Adams said.

This means that Prince Louis shares some similarities with the Queen Mother, Princess Anne, and Meghan Markle, who are all strong-willed. But this is not all.

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Prince Louis Described As Headstrong, Impatient, And Hotheaded

According to the astrologer, Prince Louis was also born to rule in other avenues since he was not in line to become the future king of the British monarchy.

“This is a strongly Aries child and future man. Headstrong, impatient, hot-headed, and the right person to have on the side in any battle, even at school. It is important that he is involved in sport so he can use his energy against a rival team rather than creating a rivalry with his siblings,” the astrologer said.

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Prince Louis Reportedly Needs To Get Into Sports To Use Up His Energy And Prevent Getting Into Fights

Adams also claimed that Prince Louis loves to get into fights. As such, it’s important for him and his parents to find sports or other activities where he can use up all his energy.

“Louis likes a fight. If he had been born centuries ago, he might have led the English into battle with the French or the Spanish,” she said.

The two sports that Prince Louis could excel in include martial arts and football. And the astrologer is confident that by 2026, Prince Louis will already be engaged in both sports. He could also find enjoyment in fencing and boxing.

“Being diplomatic and tactful is hard for him, especially in situations where he feels he or his family are vulnerable. Louis is the keeper of the royal treasures and could be very useful when it comes to helping with The Firm’s finances when he is older. He will also be a natural patron for charities that realize he has the Midas touch with fundraising. Like Her Majesty the Queen, he’ll enjoy a flutter on the race track when he’s old enough - and win. He’s a dynamo; born to rule; an asset to the family,” Adams said.

Prince Louis was last seen in public weeks ago when he and his entire family boarded a private helicopter to travel to Anmer Hall. The 4-year-old and his two older siblings are currently on their school break.

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