Prince George Shock: Kate Middleton’s Eldest Son Was Reportedly Supposed To Be Called Alexander, But The Cambridge Family’s Former Dog Lupo Stepped In, Royal Expert Claims

Credit: Access/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Access/YouTube Screenshot

Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed their eldest son, Prince George, on July 22, 2013. This means that the third in line to the throne will be celebrating his ninth birthday this week. Ahead of his special day, a story on how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge picked Prince George’s birthday is being revisited.

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Kate Middleton Wanted Prince George To Be Called Prince Alexander

According to reports, Prince George was supposed to have a different name. After all, Kate Middleton was keen on calling him Alexander after being convinced that she was pregnant with a boy. At the time, the couple didn’t want to know the gender of their baby because they wanted it to be a surprise, but Middleton knew in her heart that she was carrying a baby boy.

“Courtiers insisted the pair [the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge] had not found out the sex of their unborn baby. And friends close to the couple claim William wanted a surprise. Although Kate apparently suspected it was a boy and had set her heart on the name Alexander, they had not yet decided what to call their firstborn,” royal author Katie Nicholl said (via Express).

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Prince William, Kate Middleton’s Family Dog Lupo Helped Name Prince George

While trying to decide what their eldest son’s name would be, Prince William and Middleton reportedly wrote different names on pieces of paper and placed them on the floor at home. The couple narrowed their choices down to three names: George, Alexander, and Louis.

At the time, the Cambridge family dog, Lupo, picked the piece of paper where the name George was written. And since Prince William and Middleton wanted all three names for their son, Lupo simply helped them decide which name should go first. Following his birth, it was revealed that Prince George’s full name is George Alexander Louis.

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Prince George, Princess Charlotte, And Prince Louis’ Names Are A Tribute To Their Royal Relatives

Two years later, Prince William and Middleton welcomed their second child, Princess Charlotte. Her full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana which is a tribute to Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, and Princess Diana.

The couple’s third child, Prince Louis, was born three years later. And his full name is Louis Arthur Charles. Louis is one of Prince William’s middle names. Of course, Charles came from his grandfather, the Prince of Wales.

According to Marie Claire, the queen also had to make some changes to the longstanding rules when it comes to royal titles. Following Prince George’s birth, she decided that all of her great-grandchildren, who are also the children of the future king, would be given royal titles.

As such, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are formally known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, and His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge, respectively.

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