Prince Harry Heartbreak: Queen Elizabeth Lying To Her Grandson? Duke Blames Himself For Grandmother’s Failing Health

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube

Queen Elizabeth’s hospitalization last month reportedly shocked and upset Prince Harry. Since he’s residing thousands of miles away from his grandmother, the Duke of Sussex wants nothing more than to be by the monarch’s side.

Recent reports claimed that Prince Harry asked permission from his wife, Meghan Markle if he could return to the United Kingdom, and the latter said yes. But when the Duke of Sussex asked Markle to join him on the trip, she reportedly said that now is not the time to reunite with the royal family.

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Did Queen Elizabeth Lie To Prince Harry About Her Health?

Life & Style, in its Nov. 15 issue, claimed that Prince Harry already informed Queen Elizabeth regarding his plans to visit her. However, the monarch immediately told her grandson that she’s doing fine.

It appears Her Majesty tried to appease Prince Harry because she didn’t want him to return to the United Kingdom anytime soon.

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“While the queen promises Harry she’s doing well, he isn’t convinced. He suspects she’s making excuses to stop him from worrying. So, he’s looking to fly home to England ASAP so he can see his grandmother,” an unnamed source said.

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Prince Harry Doesn’t Want To Lose His Grandmother

Prince Harry is, reportedly, in a terrible state regarding the queen’s health, and he can’t help but think that he would lose her just like how he lost Prince Philip.

The Duke of Sussex didn’t have the chance to see his grandfather before he passed away since he was already in the United States at the time.

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“Harry is plagued with guilt about the amount of stress he’s caused her over the past couple of years, and he’s wondering whether publicly bashing his family in interviews has contributed to the deterioration of her health. Though he loves his new life, he’s been thinking maybe moving away wasn’t the right thing to do,” the unnamed source claimed.

Meghan Markle Worried Prince Harry’s Return To UK Will Be Permanent

Even though Markle supports Prince Harry’s plans to return to the United Kingdom, she allegedly has some fears. The Duchess of Sussex is, allegedly, worried that her husband would want to return home for good after he reunites with his grandmother and the royal family.

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Prince Harry must have really been worried about the queen’s health, but one can’t help but wonder if this is enough reason for him to return to the United Kingdom again?

As of late, the Duke of Sussex has not revealed his plans to visit his grandmother. And other publications claimed that he’s been calling and FaceTiming with the monarch since her hospitalization.

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Prince Charles, Prince William Do Not Need The Duke Of Sussex

Last week, royal commentator Richard Eden said that Prince Harry would love it if Prince Charles and Prince William will beg him to return home because they need his help.

Since the queen can no longer take on all her royal duties, she needs to pass some of her tasks to other senior working royals. So, Prince Charles and Prince William could need Prince Harry’s help, according to Express.

Unfortunately, Eden also said that Prince Charles and Prince William will never ask Prince Harry for such a huge favor. After all, they have their wives, Prince Edward, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, and more to rely on during this time.

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Queen Elizabeth Is In Sandringham

As for the queen, she has seemingly recovered well from her recent health scare. In fact, the monarch recently traveled to Sandringham via a helicopter, according to Fox News.

It’s unclear if she will stay there until after the holidays, but the queen usually celebrates the occasion with the royal family on the estate.

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