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Prince Harry Heartbreak: Meghan Markle’s Husband Won’t Celebrate Christmas With His Wife, Kids? Duke Heading To UK To Be With Queen

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could reportedly celebrate their first Christmas apart since they got engaged. After all, the Duke of Sussex has plans to fly to the United Kingdom amid fears that Queen Elizabeth’s health is declining.

The Duke of Sussex couldn’t help but worry about his grandmother especially after she was hospitalized last month. And the last thing that Prince Harry wants is to have the same regrets that he had following Prince Philip’s death.

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Meghan Markle Gave Prince Harry Permission To Go To The UK

Heat magazine, in its Nov. 12 issue, claimed that Prince Harry asked permission from Markle if he could celebrate the holidays with his family in the UK. To his surprise, the Duchess of Sussex said yes.

Markle reportedly knows that her Christmas celebration with Archie and Lilibet will be different because Prince Harry won’t be with them. But the Suits star also understands why her husband is desperate to be with the queen.

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Meghan Markle Refused To Return To The UK With Prince Harry

An unnamed source claimed that Prince Harry asked Markle to join him on his upcoming trip to the UK, but the latter refused. The Duchess of Sussex is still not ready to be with the royal family, and she fears that things will be awkward if she flies back home with her husband next month.

“Meghan has told him that this is not the time – there’s too much to do in LA right now. Harry likes his new life over in America, but he understandably feels frustrated at times. He was hoping to bring the children back to the UK sooner than now and worries they’re running out of time to bond with the queen, as well as his other friends and loved ones,” an unnamed source said.

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Markle’s reasons for wanting to stay in Los Angeles are all valid. And she wouldn’t allow her reasons to stop Prince Harry from taking that much-needed flight even if it means celebrating Christmas alone with her two children.

“Meghan understands entirely that these are worrying times with the queen’s health in such a precarious state, even though the Palace has reassured everyone that she is in excellent condition for her age and coping fine since her hospital treatment. If Harry decides to head home for the holidays, Meghan understands why he’d go, but it won’t be easy for her, and she is not inclined to join him,” the unnamed source reiterated.

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Prince Harry Went Into ‘Panic Mode’

Last week, Us Weekly claimed that the Duke of Sussex went into panic mode after he found out that the queen was hospitalized. Since he couldn’t immediately fly back home, Prince Harry just kept on checking in on his grandmother.

An unnamed source claimed that the dad of two has also been sending his grandmother care packages to make the queen feel that he’s with her during this time.

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Prince Harry Criticized For Not Visiting Queen Elizabeth

However, royal fans are convinced that Prince Harry’s efforts are not enough. In fact, they slammed him for not taking the next flight out of Los Angeles.

On Twitter, one royal fan said that if Prince Harry feels guilty about not being with the queen, he should pack his bags and visit the monarch.

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Another royal fan said that now is the best time for Prince Harry and Markle to bring Archie and Lilibet to the UK. This way, the youngsters can meet their great-grandmother.

It’s not surprising that Prince Harry has opted to stay back home even after the queen was hospitalized. Earlier this year, he didn’t also fly to the UK while his grandfather Prince Philip’s health was deteriorating.

Prince Harry only reunited with the royal family in April to attend Prince Philip’s funeral. He and his older brother, Prince William had an awkward encounter at the time, but Kate Middleton helped ease the tensions between the siblings.

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