Queen Elizabeth Shock: Monarch Reportedly Suffered A Mini Stroke, Has Leukemia? Palace Aides Found Her Looking Tired, Disoriented

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube

Queen Elizabeth suffered a health scare last week, but the reason behind her hospitalization has not been revealed. As such, multiple publications became a tad bit too creative in coming up with possible illnesses that the monarch could be dealing with.

National Enquirer, in its Nov. 15 issue, claimed that on the morning of her hospitalization, palace aides saw Queen Elizabeth looking tired and disoriented. She also, allegedly, had a hard time getting out of bed.

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Does Queen Elizabeth Have Leukemia?

Even though the unnamed palace aides are not health experts, they immediately assumed that the monarch suffered from a mini-stroke. They are also convinced that the queen could be suffering from leukemia due to the bruising on her hands.

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A certain medical expert was also quoted as saying that under-skin hemorrhaging indicates a form of blood cancer. And this could the queen’s death knell.

“With extremely narrowed arteries, she is at high risk for a potentially fatal heart attack or stroke,” an unnamed source said.

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Palace Accused Of Lying About Monarch’s Health

Another source claimed that the palace tried to downplay the queen’s real health issues for fear that it would just cause stress and worry among royal fans.

“It’s worse than anyone knows. She’s fighting for her life. We’re worried she won’t make it through the year,” a source said.

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To further hide the truth about the queen’s health condition, palace aides, allegedly, instructed the senior royals to return to their royal duties. This way, the public wouldn’t suspect that there’s something seriously wrong with Queen Elizabeth.

“Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla are going about their duties and Prince William and Kate even took their three children on vacation. It’s their desperate bid to protect an ‘everything’s alright’ front. But the truth is, Her Majesty is fading fast,” the source said explained.

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Queen Elizabeth Rushed To King Edward VII Hospital To Undergo More Tests

Shortly after her hospital stint, a spokesperson for the palace announced that the queen is resting back home. But the unnamed source claimed that this is not entirely true.

“The palace said she was resting at Windsor Castle on doctors’ orders after a grueling two weeks of events. But in fact, she was being rushed to London’s King Edward VII Hospital an hour away for urgent tests… They feared she’d suffered a ministroke – which they believe has happened before,” the unnamed source claimed.

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There is no discounting the fact that the queen’s recent hospitalization caused an alarm not only to the royal family but to everyone that supports the monarch.

However, there is no proof that she’s going through something as serious as what the publication suggested. But the lack of information regarding the queen’s diagnosis encouraged unnamed sources to exaggerate their claims.

Is Queen Elizabeth Dying?

Us Weekly, in its Nov. 8 issue, claimed that the royal family is worried about Queen Elizabeth. Even though they know that she’s a strong woman, they can’t help but think that the end is also near.

“The royals have noticed that she’s no longer in tip-top shape and that her health has deteriorated since Philip’s death. She wants to continue doing her duties to the best of her abilities. Her mind remains sharp and she’s still signing off on all the big picture decisions,” the unnamed source said.

Days earlier, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed that the queen is back at work in Windsor Castle. She won’t be making any public appearances in the coming weeks because she still needs to get some rest.

However, it’s not true that the monarch had a mini-stroke or that she has leukemia or some other serious illness.

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Possible Reasons Why Queen Elizabeth’s Hands Are Bruised

Two years ago, Express theorized about the possible reasons why the queen’s hands appear bruised. The publication said that Her Majesty could be suffering from peripheral cyanosis, which is caused by low oxygen levels in her red blood cells.

There is also a possibility that the queen is suffering from Bateman’s Purpura which is characterized by the weakening of the blood vessels and connective tissues below the skin.

While these two theories haven’t also been confirmed by the palace, they appear to be less serious than leukemia or even mini-stroke.

It is also important to note that Prince Charles has also been experiencing bruising or swelling on his hands and feet, which could be hereditary.

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