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Celine Dion Heartbreak: René Angélil's Wife 'Suffering' From A Serious Autoimmune Disease? Tabloid Claims All By Myself Singer Preparing Her Funeral

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Celine Dion has been raising concerns over her health after she has been seen having a palpably thinner figure since the shocking death of her husband and longtime manager, René Angélil. Many fans have noticed that the “My Heart Will Go On” singer has lost significant weight in recent times.

Now, new reports claim that Celine Dion has been planning her funeral as a medical expert worries that she may be suffering from a life-threatening disease. Keep on reading to know more details.

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Is Celine Dion Preparing For Her Burial?

National Enquirer, in its upcoming Nov. 15, 2021 issue, reported that Celine Dion has already been planning for her funeral. The entertainment news outlet shared a top doctor believes that the “Beauty and the Beast” hitmaker, who postponed her Las Vegas residency due to “severe and persistent muscle spasms,” could be suffering from a serious autoimmune disease.

Dr. Gabe Mirkin told the publication that, though an eating disorder could cause muscle spasms, it is not the problem. The Florida-based expert said:

“She seems to have extreme difficulty swallowing, which is caused by nerve damage. The weight loss could be the result of nerve damage. Her symptoms are not due just to low potassium, calcium or salt. If it were, it could be corrected at least temporarily by replacing these minerals. She might have as serious disease affecting her eyes, hearing, swallowing, muscles, weight and so forth. It could be an autoimmune disease, such as multiple sclerosis or any other nerve damage disease. She most likely has a systematic disease that is damaging nerves throughout the body.”

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An unnamed insider claimed that Celine Dion has been working very hard to gain weight amid the growing concern over her massive weight loss, saying:

“Celine’s drastic weight loss has been a source of concern. She’s been working herself to the bone for months, rehearsing for her return to the state, but her body couldn’t take it. She’s been pining for Rene, but she signed on to do the residency because she missed performing in front of an audience. But the rehearsals sapped all her strength, and she couldn’t eat. She’s totally exhausted mentally drained, and anxiety ridden. She’s talking like she fears the end is near!”

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The unidentified source said Celine Dion, aside from her sons – Rene Charles, Nelson, and Eddy, has been getting comforted by the thought of her getting reunited with Rene. It stated:

“Celine’s been a constant visitor to Rene’s gravesite in Montreal and has reserved a plot for herself right beside him. She knows exactly what she wants for her funeral. It will be simple and elegant with lots of red and pink roses. People think she’s being overdramatic and just needs to rest and take better care of herself, but it’s not as simple as that.”

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Celine Dion has yet to comment on these claims. So, avid followers of the “That’s the Way It Is” singer should take these reports with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

Celine Dion’s Sister Assures Fans That Songstress Is Fine

Meanwhile, Hello! Magazine reported Celine Dion’s sister, Claudette, revealed the latest health update about the “It’s All Coming Back” songstress. Talking to French magazine Voice, she claimed:

“What’s happening to her is sad. But it’s not serious, otherwise, she would have told me. Celine always confides in me and asks for advice when something is wrong. I know she’s in good spirits.”

Claudette’s statement is surely a relief for devoted supporters of Celine Dion, especially after various reports claimed that her current health status prevented her from pushing through her Las Vegas tour. To recall, the “When I Need You” singer delivered the unfortunate news in a heartfelt video in October.

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