Queen Elizabeth Heartbreak: Royal Family A 'Mess' And 'Falling Apart' Amid Monarch's Health Crisis? Her Majesty Reportedly Spending The Weekend In Sandringham

Credit: UK Home Office, CC BY 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

Credit: UK Home Office, CC BY 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

Many royal fans worry about the current health status of Queen Elizabeth after she was reported to have spent a night in a hospital last week for some unknown reasons. Though it was confirmed that Her Majesty’s illness was not COVID-19 related, numerous supporters of the royal family are wondering the purpose of the “preliminary” test that she must undergo.

Now, it is claimed that the royal family is falling apart amid the health crisis of Queen Elizabeth. It was even reported that everyone in the palace has been “butting heads” as they are a “mess.” Keep on reading to know more details.

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Is Royal Family In Trouble Amid Queen Elizabeth’s Alleged Health Crisis?

Star Magazine, in its upcoming Nov. 15, 2021 issue, reported that everything is chaotic in Buckingham Palace after Queen Elizabeth was admitted to a London hospital last week. The entertainment news outlet claimed that Prince Charles and Prince William have been fighting over who should succeed the throne while Prince Andrew reportedly keeps hiding in the midst of his sexual assault case.

An unnamed insider told the magazine:

“Whenever the Queen falls sick, the Palace goes to extreme measures to hide any sign of illness. With the Queen under the weather, the royals are really falling apart. Everyone is butting heads. The family is a mess.”

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Palace insiders, as per Star Magazine, had tried to downplay the recent trip of Queen Elizabeth to the hospital as she appeared to be in “good spirits” when she returned to Windsor Castle a day after her admission. However, the unidentified tipster claimed that there is more to the story, saying:

“There reality is, the Queen’s health is deteriorating. The other time they managed to keep it a secret.”

The magazine furthered the royal aides suggested that Queen Elizabeth is currently recuperating. But, another informant said that things are far from reality, stating:

“Engagements have been cancelled because the Queen hasn’t been well enough to attend and for those she does attend, she’ll be escorted by medical professional for agencies and will have another royal like William or Charles on hand to take over id she doesn’t feel well. She hates the idea of people thinking she’s frail.”

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Despite her current health condition, it is reported that Queen Elizabeth looks forward to a year-long celebration of her Platinum Jubilee in 2022. A fourth source said:

“The Queen is confident she’ll recover in time, but some are saying that if she doesn’t start taking care of herself, there could be dire consequences. She’s not as tough as she looks.”

Queen Elizabeth and Buckingham Palace have yet to comment on these claims. So, devoted supporters of the British monarch should take these unverified reports with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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Queen Elizabeth Reportedly Flies Off To Sandringham Days After Shocking Hospitalization

Meanwhile, Daily Mirror reported that Queen Elizabeth departed by helicopter from Windsor Castle to Sandringham, where she is said to be spending the weekend. The news outlet claimed that Her Majesty was cleared to travel days after her brief trip to the hospital.

A royal source told the publication:

"Her Majesty is very much looking forward to hosting her family at her Norfolk home for the Christmas holiday and there is much preparation to be done in time to accommodate everyone who has been invited. The Queen has many happy memories of being at Sandringham with the family over Christmas and was in the firm belief that she was far better off being there in person to oversee everything as much as possible."

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Most, if not all, royal fans can recall that Queen Elizabeth was hospitalized on October 20 for some preliminary investigations. The mother of Prince Charles, Princess Anne, and Prince Andrew was allegedly advised to rest afterward.

Queen Elizabeth, however, got back to work immediately after she returned at Windsor Palace. Her Majesty, as per reports, carried on with some light duties, such as gracing some of her virtual meetings during her recovery.

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