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Prince Andrew Shock: Queen Elizabeth's Son Made U.K. A 'Laughingstock' Across The Globe? Duke In Trouble Again As Netizens Call For His Removal As Counsellor Of State

Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Andrew made it to the headlines again after he settled a civil s*xual assault case that alleged victim Virginia Giuffre brought against him. The son of Queen Elizabeth had been accused of s*xually assaulting Virginia on three occasions when she was 17. The Duke of York has consistently denied the allegations.

It was reported that Prince Andrew agreed to pay an undisclosed amount of money to Virginia Giuffre and a charity for victims of s*x trafficking of her choice. Reports suggested that the out-of-court settlement, in principle, has spared the former husband of Sarah Ferguson from the public humiliation of a trial.

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Recently, a TV presenter claimed that Prince Andrew has helped to make the U.K. a laughingstock around the globe. Keep on reading to know more details.

U.K. Has Become A Laughingstock Because Of Prince Andrew?

TV presenter Jeremy Vine commented on a video clip from Australia’s program called 60 Minutes that showed a small part of Prince Andrew’s “disastrous” interview with BBC anchor Emily Maitlis, where the Duke of York denied ever meeting Virginia Giuffre. The Twitter post from 60 Minutes read:

"TONIGHT on #60Mins, how the rogue royal dodged a bullet - but who’s really paying for his silence?"

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Prince Andrew, in the video, was filmed stating:

"I...I have no recollection of ever meeting her ...I...I have a peculiar medical condition.”

One interviewee on the video then said:

"The joke was he should have a revolving door in his bedroom. Okay a forty-year-old man with about 50 or 60 teddy bears on his bed... alright fair enough."

Jeremy Vine, upon watching the promotional clip, took to Twitter to express his thoughts and penned:

"We have become a laughing stock."

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Followers of the English presenter were quick to react to his post. One netizen wrote:

"Don’t think most people really care about Randy Andy that much. But yes HM the Queen sets an example to us all. On that basis alone we have a head of state that is admired around the world. So not a laughing stock. Let’s talk up GB once in a while please."

Another Twitter user shared:

"Just imagine how we look on the world stage with Andrew and with Johnson as our leader!"

A third netizen said:

"We? Not sure that’s true JV. He has.. but not me or you."

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In a letter sent to U.S. judge Lewis Kaplan on Tuesday, lawyers of Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre jointly wrote that the pair had reached “a settlement in principle.” Part of the letter read:

In a letter sent to U.S. judge Lewis Kaplan on Tuesday, lawyers of Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre jointly wrote that the pair had reached “a settlement in principle.” Part of the letter read:

“The parties will file a stipulated dismissal upon Ms Giuffre's receipt of the settlement (the sum of which is not being disclosed)."

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The statement also said Prince Andrew regrets his association with the late Jeffrey Epstein and commends the bravery of Virginia Giuffre and other victims in coming forward and standing up for themselves and others.

The letter further read:

"He pledges to demonstrate his regret for his association with Epstein by supporting the fight against the evils of sex trafficking, and by supporting its victims."

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Prince Andrew In Trouble Again Amid New Social Media Campaign Against Him

Meanwhile, other reports suggested that Prince Andrew could be in trouble again as he and Prince Harry face fresh calls to lose their key royal titles. The brother and son of Prince Charles have retained their roles of Counsellors of State even after they stepped down as senior working royals.

Netizens demand the Parliament to discuss the removal of Prince Andrew and Prince Harry as Counsellors of State. The former press secretary of Queen Elizabeth, Dickie Arbiter, explained the current situation concerning the Counsellors on Twitter.

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He said:

"The Regency Act 1937 established the office of Counsellor of State - the acts themselves being Acts of the United Kingdom Parliament. The Regency Act 1953 restored The Queen Mother's eligibility as a Counsellor of State which she lost on the death of George VI.”

Dickie Arbiter furthered:

"Prince Harry resigned as a working member of the Royal family in January 2020 since when he's been living in the USA. Prince Andrew has been removed as a working member in the wake of the ongoing Epstein sex scandal, but both are still Counsellors of State. Question - is there any reason why Parliament cannot introduce a Regency Act 2022 removing Princes Harry and Andrew and reinstating Princess Anne and Prince Edward who ceased to be Counsellors of State in 2003 and 2005 respectively? Continuity is the watchword.”

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Royal correspondent Richard Palmer responded to Dickie Arbiter’s tweet. He said that royal sources have argued bringing on a new Regency Act would be "a waste of Parliamentary time and isn’t needed because the Queen doesn’t travel abroad anymore."

Both Prince Andrew and Prince Harry have yet to respond to the calls to have them removed from their Counsellor of State roles.

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