Bocchi the Rock! Releases Cute Hitori Gotou Maid Merch

Bocchi the Rock Maid Merch Hitori Gotou

Bocchi the Rock Maid Merch Hitori Gotou

While the series may have ended last weekend, Bocchi the Rock! is just now beginning to release new merch, including a set of cute collectibles featuring Hitori Gotou in her maid outfit.

Following the 12th and final episode of Season 1, the anime has revealed lots of new merch that are sure to delight fans.

Those who love the main character Hitori “Bocchi” Gotou are sure to want to get their hands on these maid-themed goodies.

Bocchi the Maid

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Given her extreme social anxiety, Bocchi pretty much exclusively wears her signature pink tracksuit. She even wears this outfit with her school uniform despite her mom buying her lots of cute clothes as shown in Episode 7.

During the school festival though, Bocchi finally dons something that’s not her tracksuit. As part of her class’s maid café, Bocchi is forced to wear a maid outfit.

While her bandmates think that it suits her, the shock of wearing it was too much for Bocchi, making her unresponsive at many points in the episode.

Soon, the rest of the Kessoku Band members all help her class’s maid café and even wear maid outfits of their own.

As expected, the outfits suit the members, with Ryo wearing a cool butler-style outfit befitting her vibe.

As you may have expected, fans enjoyed seeing Bocchi in her maid outfit, enough that it has resulted in lots of fan art, including some NSFW ones that you can see all over Twitter.

Aside from fan art, Bocchi the maid has also inspired a new set of merch featuring a new official artwork of Hitori.

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Hitori Gotou Maid Merch

This new line of collectibles is made by Curtain Damashii, and it features artwork of Bocchi in her maid outfit while using her new Yamaha PACIFICA guitar.

The merch includes a rubber play mat that’s designed for card games and is priced at JPY 3,300 (around USD 25).

There are also two types of tapestries in different sizes that are priced at JPY 3,300 (around USD 25) and JPY 7,700 (around USD 58).

Another collectible in the series is an acrylic stand that’s 30cm tall (around 11.8 inches) and priced at JPY 5,500 (around USD 41).

Rounding out the collection is a high-quality print of the new Bocchi maid art that’s available in A4 and A3 sizes.

These are the most expensive in the lineup as they are priced at JPY 14,300 (around USD 108) and JPY 19,800 (around USD 150), respectively.

These new Bocchi the Rock! maid merch are available now via the Curtain Damashii website.

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