Bocchi the Rock!: Yamaha Creates Music Stores ‘Even Loners Can Enjoy’ in Collab Event

Bocchi the Rock Yamaha Hitori

Bocchi the Rock Yamaha Hitori

After announcing its collaboration for Bocchi’s guitar, Bocchi the Rock! and Yamaha have announced a special music store collab that “even loners can enjoy” as part of its big crossover promotion.

Even before the collab announcement, eagle-eyed fans have probably already spotted Yamaha and other partner products in the anime. In fact, Bocchi’s new guitar in Episode 12 is a Yamaha PACIFICA.

Now, fans can enjoy a wide range of activities and goodies between Bocchi and the popular music brand.

Bocchi x Yamaha New Collab

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The theme of the Yamaha store collab is a music store that “even loners can enjoy” which makes sense given how much of a loner Hitori Gotou is.

As you may have expected given the theme, there are many activities that even solo fans can enjoy.

For starters, there’s a “Bocchi the Musical Instrument Experience” activity where select Yamaha musical instrument stores will have a corner where fans can experience playing an electric guitar by themselves.

Specifically, this corner features an electric guitar, electric bass, and electronic drums that can be tried out.

This is aimed at beginners who have developed an interest in music thanks to the Bocchi the Rock! anime.

Aside from this, there’s a stamp rally where fans can visit the Yamaha music stores in Nagoya, Osaka, and Tokyo Ginza.

By visiting all three and getting virtual stamps via an app, fans can get a special clear file with a new Bocchi and Kita visual.

Other solo activities that even loners can enjoy include an exhibit of several musical instruments that appeared in the anime.

There’s also a live stream talk event on January 24 featuring Bocchi voice actress Yoshino Aoyama.

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Bocchi the Rock! and Yamaha Group Activities

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While there are loner-friendly activities in this collab, there is also cool stuff to do for groups who have been inspired to form a band by the anime.

For starters, there’s a HiFi listening event where groups of four people can listen to four tracks from the Bocchi the Rock! album using Yamaha’s flagship HiFi 5000 series speakers.

This listening session will be available at the Yamaha Nagoya store.

Those who want to learn guitar will also get a chance to do so in the “Seishun Complex” guitar workshop where beginners will be challenged to learn the Seishun Complex song intro on the guitar.

Finally, the collab will give buyers of musical instruments special clear files. Participating stores include Yamaha music stores in major cities across Japan.

For more info on the new Bocchi and Yamaha collab, you may visit the official website.

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Source: Yamaha Music Japan Twitter account

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